Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blogspiration 8: The Power of Reading

As a writer, I understand the value of books.  They engage the mind, challenging it to see the world differently.  I believe people should embrace this opportunity.  When you pick up a good book, let it pull you into its world.  Question what it has to say.  Examine what you think of its message.  Really wrestle with it.  These kinds of reading experiences are typically the most rewarding.

You don't have to accept everything a book says as gospel to have a transformative experience in reading it.  You just have to immerse yourself in the process. 

Yes, I know Harry Potter and other books like it are fiction, but I can see the world in a fun way because of those reading experiences.  What books have you read that changed you or the way you see the world in some way?

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  1. Oh yeah, Harry Potter is the main one on my list, there are so many things in the real world that can be compared to it! Love that picture, very funny :)

  2. Yes, I read the entire Harry Potter series, then I read the Twilight series and now I'm looking for another good book to read. I don't think a book has to be grounded in Earth all the time. I like a good sci-fi other worldly book. You still find the same basic things happening, but the plot is the key.
    Your picture is definitely a keeper! Funny!

  3. I'm rather fond of tales set in other places and times. You know, like long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. :)

    The exhausted mom may reach for Calgon to take her away, but I'll take a good fantasy any day!

    But yeah, Hogwarts qualifies too!

  4. Dorothy Gilman: Uncertain Voyage.
    Sharon Lee and Steve Miller: Fledgling

    Lots of others, but those jump up and scream "Pick me! Pick me!"


  5. "You don't have to accept everything a book says as gospel to have a transformative experience in reading it. You just have to immerse yourself in the process. "

    YES YES YES!!!!

    This is why reading is so wonderful. It's an escape from the real world. You can revel in these foreign and fantastical worlds!! There's nothing else like it and I LOVE IT!

    The book for me is Harry Potter! It's incredibly life-changing and inspiring!!

    Such a great post :D

  6. Harry Potter is fiction? *refuses to accept this*


    Oh my GOODNESS I effing ADORE THIS... I mean, for the humour, and for the deeper meaninh. PERFECT ♥

  7. OMG that picture is AWESOME. I love that Harry Potter has created this secret little (rather big when you think about how many people have read them) world with shared secrets and references that outsiders don't know. Only it's not for the exlusion, it's for the inclusion of so many people.