Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Weekend Philosopher: Purpose in Life

Given that I'm in the midst of doing the A-Z Challenge with two blogs, I'm only doing short posts for the Weekend Philosopher this month.  I figured I would post quotes that in some way reflect my personal philosophy of life and say a few words about it.  We all have a personal philosophy, after all.

Here's a quote that speaks to me.

Background Image courtesy of Jennifer Ellison
Personally, I feel we choose our own path in life.  Our passions draw us in a particular direction, and the way we feed those passions determine how far we go.  What mission have you set for yourself?  What overarching goal do you pursue?  Our answers are as unique as we are.

So, what happens when you accomplish that goal?  Do you settle down and say you've done all there is to do?  Of course not.  We may retire from a career.  A particular path may come to an end.  That's when we must forge ahead and carve out a new path.

You may retire from your job, but you do not retire from life.  Not as long as you're alive.

What is your personal philosophy?


  1. My mission is: When everything is said and done, and it is time for me to die, I want to go feeling I can leave in peace. That I did everything I needed to do and said everything I needed to say. That life doesn't owe me anything, nor I owe anything to life.

  2. My personal mission statement: To do what seems like the right thing at the moment. It's a purely holistic approach, and totally limited by whether or not right is actually right. I'm probably wrong more often than I'm right, but I tend to get a right in even when I'm wrong. So I stick by that statement.