Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things-Week 17

It's Friday, and that means it's time once again to Celebrate the Small Things with VikLit!

This week has been relatively calm.  I've focused mostly on my writing, though a few fun things happened.

My kids love walking to the gas station to buy suckers whenever the weather permits.  The other day was rainy.  We had about a half hour window of time before the next wave of rain hit.  Since the kids were anxious to get out, we decided to walk over there.  We cut it close, but we successfully made it there and back before the rain came.  Woohoo!

I also successfully cut my son Jude's hair at home.  He needed the haircut badly, and though I'm no hair expert, I think I did all right.  Especially since he threw a fit halfway through because it was taking too long.  Then he fell asleep in my lap, allowing me to finish the job without a fuss.  I'm not brave enough to post a picture of the haircut, but I still think it doesn't look too bad.

Also, Lyle's birthday is Saturday, and it seems that my husband won't have to work overtime this weekend.  There's still a tiny chance that will change, but it's unlikely at this point.

That's about it.  What do you have to celebrate this week?


  1. I hate cutting kiddies hair, I always worry they'll lose an ear. So congrats on that! Keep writing. :D X


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    1. Delete to erase bad grammar. :p

  3. I love this post. Who was it that said "Small things amuse small minds. Ask Albert Einstein"?

    Happy Birthday, Lyle. Have a wonderful day.


  4. Sounds like you and the family have a good weekend planned. Happy Bday Lyle! Lyle, what a great name!!

  5. Good, you'll be able to celebrate Lyle's birthday as a family!

  6. Enjoy your weekend and congrats on the haircut!

  7. I cut my kids hair all the time, glad you managed it ;)

    Fingers crossed your husband wont get called in and hope Lyle has a wonderful birthday!

  8. What fun adventures you and your family have had this week. I remember when I cut my nephew's hair for the first time. He started getting frustrated too because it was taking to long. He hated going to the barber's so he wasn't too bad, and for the first time, I'd done pretty well.

  9. A happy birthday to Lyle. The story of buying the suckers made me think of walking to a corner story for penny candy with my friend when I was young. Glad you all made it.

  10. I remember when we were young and used to go to the local store...
    Every person should have a childhood memory of walking to the local corner shop to buy sweets... it's one of those activities that stay with you for a long time...
    Congrats on getting your son's hair cut. You are brave.

    Writer In Transit

  11. Yay that you made it before the rain ;) and glad the haircut went well!