Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Insecure Writer's Support Group: May 2013

Wow!  We made it through April already!  Now it's the first Wednesday of May, and that means it's time for the next meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group!  Thanks to Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh for creating this awesome support system for writers who need encouragement from time to time.  This group is clearly an enormous success, because Alex now needs to recruit helpers to assist him in getting through the posts.  This month, the fabulous co-hosts are Lynda R. Young, Mark Koopmans, and Rachna Chhabria. Best of luck to the co-hosts!

Now that we're past the April A-Z Challenge, I have this question of "Now what?" I notice I always experience that sense of angst after completing a big project. That momentary lack of direction can make anyone feel insecure, but it can also be viewed as an opportunity to do something big.

Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap
Not that I'm necessarily changing direction entirely.  I'm considering self-publishing Adam's Apple, my A-Z Challenge story, on Amazon (thanks to Yolanda Renee for already encouraging me to do so!).  I'd like to add in some additional scenes and a couple little side stories to flesh things out.  I'm not sure how long this process will take, but that's definitely one thing I can start working on right away.

I also have a few other writing projects to tackle (including a half-finished novel and three novel rough drafts that desperately need to be revised).  So perhaps it's not a matter of "What now?" so much as it's a matter of "What first?"  As a writer, I suppose that isn't a bad problem to have.


  1. I think it's a great idea to publish your A to Z story - I loved it! :)

  2. No, that's not a bad problem to have!
    Glad you're going forward with the story. It was a lot of fun.

  3. I love the idea of publishing your A-Z story - go for it!

  4. Yes, please. I would love to see Adam's Apple published.

    I'll be watching your self publishing journey. I've been considering expanding some of the stories I did during A to Z, and publishing them. But I'll let someone braver than me go first, :)

  5. What a great idea to publish your A to Z story. I did that last year. Good luck!

  6. I am so happy, yes! Publish it! Awesome! And thank you!

    I honestly thought that after it was all over I'd concentrate on my second book and getting it to the publisher, letting the blog sort of drift from 3 posts a week (what I normally try to do) to one or two, but there are so many new books coming out, interviews to do and reviews to post. Oh dear! :)

    Getting organized is the secret, I hope!

  7. "What first?" sounds so much better than "What now?" does. Keep us posted on your self-pubbing decision.

  8. Fro you it's definitely a "What first?" problem- you're one of the most prolific writers I know!

    I'm so impressed with your story for the month and if I can I add my vote to the growing list of people who'd love to see it fleshed out and polished up.

  9. Congrats on finishing the A-Z! I'd love to be in a "What first?" position rather than the "What am I doing? I'm so confused..." which is where I find myself. I guess I'll be patient and hope answers come while you pick one of your projects. Good luck! :-)