Monday, May 6, 2013

My Muse is Back (Though She Never Actually Left)

First of all, I'd like to remind all of you of the Towel Day Blogfest that I'm hosting May 24th-27th.  This is a celebration of the life and writings of Douglas Adams.  If you enjoy his work, feel free to sign up!  Or if you'd rather not participate, feel free to check out some of the posts anyway.  I have a feeling they'll be fun.

Now, down to today's business.  It's been more than a month since I've done one of these posts, though posting for A-Z instead was a welcome change of pace.  I got to let my imagination run wild, and what writer doesn't enjoy doing that?  So while I may not have been posting about whether my muse was cooperating with me or not, she was in fact being quite good to me.  Thanks a lot, Pleiades.  I owe you for getting me through the month of April!

Right now I'm working toward my next goal.  Since I made my decision to flesh out Adam's Apple and self-publish it, I've been working on fun little additions. I still need to edit and expand parts of the main story, but right now I'm feeling inspired to write the supplementary material that I'd like to include.  You could say they're the equivalent of appendices or the special features you might find on a DVD.  I guess I just enjoy things like that.

So far I've started writing about Adam's previous romantic failures, including the story of the go kart, the peach, and the turtle that was referenced in one of my A-Z posts.  People said they wanted to know the details of that story, and I intend to provide them.  I've also started a little piece entitled "George’s Cynical Rules for Surviving a Comically Absurd Cosmos".  This one has been a great deal of fun to write also, and I think it'll give people a chance to spend more time with George.

Anyway, I should probably get back to working on that, so I'll go for now.  See you around!


  1. I'm seen this towel day thing on facebook. As a hiker, I'll look into it, but I'll have to make sure my towel is properly folds.

  2. Glad you're adding more to the story - it was fun. I rally do want to know about the go kart, the peach, and the turtle.