Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Weekend Philosopher: Humor

I don't feel like being too serious right now.  My husband worked overtime this weekend, leaving me alone with the kids in the process.  Given that my youngest is entering the terrible twos, and my oldest is quite adept at stirring up trouble when I'm not looking, I'm about to fall off my rocker.  They're finding every way they can to drive me crazy.  I love them to pieces, but they know exactly how to push my buttons.

This is how I felt after a long Saturday with my children.  The hairdo is even pretty accurate.

It's a funny image, isn't it?  I know it made me laugh, which is one reason why I decided to share it.

I post this here in part to maintain my sanity.  When things get tough, or crazy, one of the best remedies is a good laugh.  It can keep you from falling apart. Sharing a good laugh with someone can quickly dispel and argument.  Humor may not be able to abolish the worst hurt or fix all the world's problems, but it's like sunscreen.  It helps shield you from the injury a bad situation may otherwise inflict on you.

Background Image courtesy of artur84 
That's why I believe that comedians serve a critical function in society.  They make us laugh.  There is nothing frivolous or useless about that.  Some comedy may seem silly, and some comedy takes a more intelligent tone.  Satirists can take terrible realities and find the light side of them.  Physical comedy can make you wince and giggle simultaneously.

Everyone has their own comedic taste.  What makes one person laugh may simple make another groan.  Our common ground, I believe, lies in the fact that, no matter our taste or station in life, we share the need for laughter.

So, if you're having a bad day, take the time to seek out the humor in the situation.  It may make all the difference in the world.


  1. Aloha,

    L.G., not sure if you "know" Martin Willoughby, but your kids sound the same age as my mini-monsters and I visit Martin's *every* Friday for a laugh:)

    Here's a recent one... and good luck :)

  2. They saw laughter really is like medicine and we are healthier for it. We all need a good, uninhibited laugh now and then.

  3. I know I need my laughs. And more is better.

  4. Humor is the ability to transform the absurd into the sublime.

  5. So true, I could use a good laugh.

    I received bad news on Saturday, two different family issues just seconds apart, then no sleep. Yeah, it's a good time for some humor!

    Thanks for reminding me! I'm going to check out Martin, too!