Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Brainstorm

This year for the A-Z Challenge, I'm attempting to act like I know what I'm talking about and offering advice about writing.  Let's see how I do!

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One way writers can keep the creativity flowing is to brainstorm on a regular basis.  I know that brainstorming can dredge up memories of work meetings where co-workers sit around throwing ideas at the wall, barely tolerating each other in the process, but it really can be useful.

Sit down with a blank sheet of paper and just write down anything that comes to mind.  You can also use a random word generator, easily found online, and take down a list of words.  Afterwards, you can try combining them in different ways to see if anything clicks. 

A writer’s mind is truly bizarre in that it can forge connections between seemingly unrelated things, and the result can be brilliant.  It can also be an unmitigated disaster, that’s true.  Either way, it’s worth your time to experiment.  You never know what can happen.

And don’t worry.  If disaster strikes, you can clean up the wreckage and try again.  No one ever needs to know.


  1. Very good advice, and I can attest! Whenever I brainstorm I find that I'm much for creative for it.

  2. I agree. Brainstorming is so important to the initial stages of writing. Every new work I begin, starts with 'throwing up on the page' to see what happens.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    A-to-Z Challenge

  3. This is so true. I brainstorm all the time. I love using it to develop my character descriptions.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

  4. Brainstorming always works out well, though when I start it, often I cringe at the stuff that gets put out there first! Looking forward to C-ing what's next!

  5. Love brainstorming, I find it exhilarating! Great advice, I think you've got this down!

  6. Brainstorming names is just as fun!

  7. I've never been good at brainstorming, my structure mind rebels at it. But, it probably is a good technique that I should give a go, especially as no one will know it it is a disaster.

    Cheers - Ellen |

  8. I totally agree about brainstorming. It can be a great help. It's amazing what can come out of it.

  9. Swinging by from the A to Z, great post! I hope you have a most successful month.
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett

  10. I'd love to be part of a physical brainstorming group to just bounce ideas around...
    Writer In Transit

  11. Ha, this is pretty much what I'm doing all month with my A to Z theme posts. Discarded Darlings

  12. Hey there, LG! I've used a journaling technique called a "List of 100" for years, and I suppose it's basically the same thingg. Yeah, it's GREAT!

    LuAnn (approx #369 on the list) @ Back Porchervations.
    (and one of co-host AJ Lauer's #wHooligans)

  13. Most of my writing involves doing research first so I think that my researching is my way of brainstorming. I research wildly and write down facts and ideas and then write. Finding Eliza

  14. Brainstorming is always a good idea, no matter what stage you're at with your writing. You can come up with brand new ideas or it can help when you're stuck trying to figure something out.

  15. I agree about a writer's mind being bizarre. It's true I never know what will happen when I face a blank page and am always surprised when it fills with words. Whether brilliant or a disaster, I'm awed at the process.

  16. Couldn't agree more. Beyond every wreckage is a new word. feeling inspired !

    @Subhmohanty from
    And Life Unfolds
    A * Alone
    B * Butterfly

  17. I should probably do this more often. Have been stuck on one story for a while now. Maybe brainstorming will help.

    ATSP @ Deeply Shallow

  18. Great advice :) One of my books was kind of a brainstorm. I just sat down with an empty document and started writing to see where it would take me. The whole beginning has long since bitten the dust, but it got me going :).
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  19. What a cute site you have! I was going to do Brainstorming for "B" too but ended up doing Block (as in Writer's) instead. :-)

    C you tomorrow (sorry, couldn't resist). :-) Sati

  20. I'm a pantser with my writing and I often brainstorm to figure out what comes next. :-D

  21. I do my best brainstorming work when I'm arguing with my 'editor' aka Mom.

    Heather M. Gardner / @hmgardner
    Co-Host, Blogging from A to Z April Challenge
    The Waiting is the Hardest Part