Infomania-Part 3BB

Imogene pulls out a small bag of candy.  Skittles, in fact. 
She opens the bag, and calmly pours a few out into her hand.  “I have something to share with all of you,” she says sweetely.
The candy strikes you as an unnecessary distraction, but then again, things have already escalated anyway.  Maybe a small dose of sugar could help smooth things out.
“That’s very nice of you Imogene,” you say.  “Thank you.”
Then she rears back her hand and flings the little candies full force at Selene’s chair.  “Taste the rainbow, you paranoid cow!” she screams.
Ah.  There are Imogene’s anger issues.  You’d thought she’d made such excellent progress too.
Walter is now laughing so hard he’s fallen out of his chair.
“Now, Imogene, I think it’s time to calm down,” you say soothingly.
She loads up another round of sugary ammunition and flings it in your direction.  You’re surprised to note just how much those pellets of fruity flavor actually hurt.  “Oh shut it, you bag of hot gas!”
Robin is still furiously taking notes.  Of course he is.  Why wouldn’t he be with such fantasic theater going on around him?
That’s it.  You can’t do this anymore.  “Fine.  I quit!  I can’t help you!  I don’t think anyone can!” you cry before storming out.
Let Robin take note of that!

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  1. How many times have I had that feeling!