You see the gun in Edgar’s hand, and that’s it.  You’re not a hero.  You only took this job as a janitor to pay the bills.  There are zero delusions of grandeur floating around in your head.
Without a word, you turn to run.  Edgar is calling out for you to come back, but you’re not inclined to head toward danger.  That runs contrary to all your instincts.  As you head toward the exit, you see that scary-looking guard has already beat you to it and fled the scene.
A couple of shots ring out, but they don’t sound like they’re being aimed in your direction.  As you reach the door, you glance back to see Dryll on the floor, surrounded by a pool of blue blood.  Two of the council members are hiding behind the thrones.  The remaining council member is wrestling with Edgar.
Deciding that you still want nothing to do with the situation, you continue with your rapid exit.

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  1. I like the choose your own way concept. I'm happy to see i got out unscathed.