Thursday, January 17, 2013

FSF: Forgotten Flowers

It's time for another installment in my Five Sentence Fiction adventure!  The prompt Lillie offered up this week is FORGOTTEN

If you aren't up-to-date on the quest of Ylana and Nara, go HERE to read it in its entirety.

Chapter 15: Forgotten Flowers

All indicators suggested that this planet, Renlatt 4, was also the world upon which the mysterious woman from the visions was murdered: the constellations were a spot on match, the vegetation of the planet resembled what Ylana saw day in and day out, and the triple moon system orbiting the planet was a dead-ringer for a rather intense dream from the night before.  Yet, when Ylana and Nara landed the small ship on a backwater continent, neither of them had a clue where to start.

Image courtesy of EA
Ylana stood on a deck at the spaceport restaurant, looking out over the treetops as she absent-mindedly twirled the necklace containing the purple stone around her fingers, while Nara sipped a bright yellow alcoholic beverage beside her.

Then, without warning, the image exploded in Ylana’s mind with such power that she actually fell backwards onto the deck. 

A bouquet of red flowers lay discarded and forgotten on a beach, the ocean waters buffeting them as the tide moved in and out, and from the hazy black periphery of the vision, a severed male head washed up and rolled on top of the withered petals.

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  1. Such an imagination. I would love to travel with you on this journey -- if only we could, as writers, as people, join the adventure of each others creative journey -- just for awhile...

    As in your story, as in Doctor Who -- such adventures.

    Please lead on!

  2. Beautiful imagery followed by the shocker of the severed head. Great piece.