Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Immaculate Association

Here's another Tuesday Treat dedicated to flash fiction.  The prompt from Flash Fiction Flourish inspired this week's piece.  Enjoy!

The Immaculate Association

The robed human male known as Brother Ron approached the leader of the Sargarian delegation, known more commonly as the Grand Wen.  A sneering green scaled face indicated disdain.

First contact between humans and the lizard-like species started out on reasonably good terms.  Unfortunately, the mingling of two species resulted in various kinds of cultural clashes.

“We have met with enough of your missionaries,” the Grand Wen announced firmly.  “We have no interest in whatever religion you might be selling.”

“Missionaries are salesmen of a different kind,” Brother Ron assured the assembly.  He set down a trunk.  He popped it open and pulled out a cylindrical mechanism with a long hose.  “We of the Immaculate Association believe that cleanliness is next to godliness.  Our mission is to ensure your people have access to a variety of cleaning products guaranteed to make your lives easier.”

145 words


  1. I hope those lizards are thick skinned, cos vacuum cleaner salesmen are notoriously pushy.

    Love the name of the sect too. :)

  2. Avon finally turned into a full-on religion? Scary!