Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C: Chemical Castration

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Chemical Castration

“Chemical castration,” Ditz replied casually.  “Exile means you can’t do anything that might tie you to civilization.  Since producing children would do that, celibacy is important.  While it’s illegal for anyone to even speak to you, let alone sleep with you, that doesn’t guarantee it won’t happen.  Castration will.  The doctor will simply inject you with drugs that render you permanently impotent.”  She giggled.  “It’s no big deal, really.”

“You’d think it was a big deal if it were being done to you!” Adam yelled.  Of all the things they could do to him, this was the worst.  He’d be all alone for the remainder of his life, and this would guarantee he couldn’t even partake in his favorite solo activity.  “Death would have been more merciful than this!”

Ditz grinned.  “There’s no need to be so grumpy.  Try to make the best of it!”

Adam shuffled into the hallway behind his guide, and the fact that she skipped like a bubbly child only rubbed manure in the wound.  He briefly considered kicking her, but he felt defeated.  Trying to fight his way out would only make things worse.

Then he thought about it.  How could things be any worse? he asked himself.  If you try to fight, a guard may catch and kill you.  And compared to the fate you’re facing, that sounds like a lucky break.

It still didn’t seem right to tackle this innocent young girl.  Ditz was exactly the type of trusting, gullible type the Federation bureaucrats would use to do their bidding.  She didn’t have a clue how wrong this all was.  All she cared about was doing the job she’d been hired to do.

Yet even with that and all those years of being told not to hit girls, he couldn’t let her get him to the medical facility.  Poised just behind her, he balled his hands into fists.  It would probably only take one good hit to knock her down.

A split second before he struck, three armed guards rounded the corner ahead of them.  That would give him what he wanted, right?  They’d shoot him if he made his move.  A quick reaction to put him out of his misery . . .

Even with these thoughts in mind, Adam hesitated.  He’d never actually tried to die before.  Living came so naturally to him.  He lowered his hands, once again defeated, only this time by himself.

When the guards raised their weapons at the two of them, he panicked.  They know what you were going to do.  They know.

“Hand him over, Ms. Garrison,” one of the guards growled.

Ditz’s persona dissolved in a moment.  “No chance,” she growled back.  With a single movement, she produced a small, round object and flung it at the guards.

The resulting flash left the guards in a heap on the floor and Adam at a loss for words.

When Ditz turned to him, she wore a mischievous smirk.  “Come with me if you want to live.”

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  1. Ooh the plot thickens! Love it :)

  2. Castration - ouch!

    Excellent stuff. :)

  3. Gosh I was cringing all the way until the end.
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  4. You win the award for most disturbing title associated with letter C. Ha! Holy crap!

  5. great way to leave us hanging!

  6. Excellent! And I'm inclined to agree with Jessica's comment. lol. It did draw me in. ;-) Good "C"!

  7. How delightful. A-Z men are cringing in horror at the mere title... :)

  8. ...Maybe she should say, come with me if you want to be castrated...but then I'm sick. LOL. Honestly, your writing is captivating!

  9. Oh, yay! I thought it would have been a short story if he were simply exiled.