Monday, April 8, 2013

G: George Brings Bad News

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George Brings Bad News

Adam dropped to the floor.  As he lay there, he should have been thinking about all the bizarre turns his life had taken as of late.  Instead, he spent the time wondering when his kidnappers/rescuers last mopped the galley floor when he found the remnants of an unidentified beige sauce plastered to his shirt.  Within moments of casting his eyes across the tiled surface and seeing the other spots of food and grime, he was eager to be taken prisoner again.

Luckily, the Vaaldeens moved quickly.  A battalion of warships surrounded their small ship within a minute.  Soon the warm sensation of the transporter overwhelmed Adam all over again.

Having your atoms torn apart and reintegrated twice within a couple of hours can really be disorienting, Adam decided as he found himself lying face down on an entirely different, cold hard floor.  His head throbbed from the confusion of it all.

“Don’t move!” a booming voice ordered.  The sound rebounded off the walls, indicating they were in a massive room. 

Curious, Adam turned his head to the side to get a glimpse of his new surroundings.  He noted a vaulted ceiling and ornate sculptures lining the distant wall before George’s voice distracted him.  “Adam, you’re about to get kicked in the ribs.”

“What?” Adam demanded.

Then the crushing blow came as a steel toe collided with his ribcage.  His corresponding cry of agony filled the room, bouncing back at him just in time to meet the second kick.

“You were warned not to move,” his assailant growled.

“He’s going to kick you again,” George called out.  “And afterwards he’s going to kick me for warning you about the impending kick.”

Once again, George’s prediction proved true.  A couple of broken ribs later, Adam was pulled into sitting position with his arms secured behind his back with electrified handcuffs.  Layla and George were positioned on either side of him.

“The Great Orator will be in to see you soon,” the cranky guard informed them.

Adam didn’t know much about the Vaaldeens as they weren’t a part of the Federation.  Still, he knew from one look at this guard that they weren’t themselves a Vaaldeen.  In fact, he wasn’t even remotely sure if the guard was male, female, or any other variation of any known gender.  The round green body, four spindly legs, and single black eye didn’t leave any clues.  Not that this was Adam’s main concern anyway.  He was far more disoriented by the fact he couldn’t figure out where the guard’s mouth was.  They could hear her/his/its grumbling loud and clear, but where were its vocal cords?

“George, any predictions?” Layla asked.

“We’ll be waiting a few minutes,” he replied.  “I see us still sitting here.”

“So, Layla says you have a foreshadower,” Adam said conversationally.  “How does that work exactly?”

George turned and rewarded him with an incredulous look.  “It foreshadows the cruddy things I can’t avoid.  What else is there to know?”

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  1. I haven't read the first part of the story, but I really enjoyed this. I bet it is disorienting to have your atoms torn apart and reassembled. Hehe! Love the interwoven humor. It's always nice to meet a fellow redhead, too! :)

  2. very funny!

  3. I'm really loving these.