Friday, May 4, 2012

Funny Friday!

Since I'm no comedian, though my unintentionally laughable actions may have people saying otherwise, I found some funny e-cards to share with all of you.

Just be warned, I have a dark and sometimes abrasive sense of humor.

This is a problem I wish I had.

Many friends can vouch for the fact that I have this problem.

Again, I am guilty of this.

Can't you just feel the love in this one?  And, might I add, either half will effectively free you of that person's company.

As the first three cards show, I like the strategically insincere apology.  Maybe this is why my fights last longer than they should.  Fruit for thought, anyway.

All right, now that you all know I have MAJOR ISSUES, it's time for me to bid you all farewell.


  1. If you have major issues than so do I because those cards are hilarious and also scarily accurate :)