Thursday, May 31, 2012

Now I Can Say I'm Stylish!

Chris Fries at A Writer's Expanding and Slightly-Warped Universe has conferred upon me the Stylish Blogger Award.  Thanks!  Anyone who hasn't should totally check out his blog!  I'm particularly fond of his blog's look, though I think you can probably guess why.

I never thought a day like this would come.  I've been called a good many things in my time, but stylish has never been one of them.  Strange, crazy, creative, annoying, nice, some other things that I probably shouldn't put up here without also putting a content advisory on my blog, but never stylish.  So yay!  Something positive to add to my list!  And all you naysayers who know me well enough to say that in real life I'm anything but stylish . . . well, yeah.  But in my writing and blogging, I care very much about its appearance.

Accepting this award requires me to tell you about the last time I got dressed-up.  As a mother of two who spends most of her spare time in the world of words, I don't get really dressed-up all that often.  The last time was at my grandfather's funeral.  The last time before that was at my other grandfather's funeral.  The time before that was my mother's funeral.

I'm noticing a pattern here.

Anyway, I might normally forego those and tell you about a happy occasion, but something memorable did happen at the most recent funeral.  I was dressed up and ready to attend the third major funeral I'd been to in the last year.  However, on the way to the church, the car overheated.  We had to pull over.

To top it off, we had almost no cell phone minutes to contact anyone, and we were in the middle of the country.

We made it to the church eventually.  It was a lot of stop and go, driving a little further after the car cooled down just enough.  Finally, we made it to the nearest town and were able to add water.  From there, though horribly late, we made it to the church.  The original plan was to sneak in and sit in the back, hoping that no one would notice.

We walked through the door . . . just in time to run into everyone leaving the church.  All eyes were on us, and there was no hiding the fact that we missed the entire thing.

I wonder if my family believed us when we explained what happened.  And it's a true story, take my word for it.  I felt horrible about it, but some things are just outside our control.

Okay.  Now I get to nominate five others.  I tried to find people who didn't have this award yet, but sometimes awards hide on people's pages.  Either way, your blogs are all cool.
  1. Anna Smith @ Universal Gibberish
  2. Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous
  3. Melanie Stanford @ Daydreamer to Writer
  4. Melodie Wright @ Forever Rewrighting
  5. Chelsea Kelly @ My Interior Window
Two of these blogs are really new, especially the last one, which was just started by a good friend.  However, her artwork alone is enough to warrant a stylish award.  And I only discovered #2 on my list this morning, but I started reading and I was hooked.

Anyway, must dash.  I have more writing to do.  And more cleaning.  Ugh!


  1. The last dress I bought was for a funeral also! I'm sorry you missed the one when your car broke down and yes, I do hope your family believed you!

  2. Congratulations on the award. It's fun being stylish!

  3. Aw nuts! I totally thought you were going to say you got stranded on the side of a country road and some smoking hot cowboy stopped to give you a ride on his horse and instead of going to the funeral you rode off into the sunset and made little cowboy babies together. So you can see how completely bummed I was when that little sidebar went in a totally different direction...

    I wish instead of congratulating you for obtaining the Stylish Blogger Award, I was congratulating you for the Cowboy Slut Award, but ok... You Go Girl!!

  4. Congratulations! What a funeral story! I got dressed up once for a funeral and got lost on the way. I never found it :(

  5. Congrats on the award! Sad funeral story. Hopefully, everyone went easy on you since you had no control over arriving so late.

  6. Congratulations on the award....and thank you for giving me my very first!!

    Still, though, it's cruel that so many funerals had to happen so close together and on top of that you guys having the "great" luck with cars you have. :/

  7. Thank you!!!

    *steps up to podium*

    I'd like to thank...

    *looks around as her acceptance speech is overplayed by loud music, marking the end of the ceremony*

    But seriously, thanks, I'm chuffed!

  8. Aww thank you so much. Sorry to hear about your funeral mishap, that must have been a stressful day :)