Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tweeting Extraterrestrials

I know it's supposed to be my tea break, but I just wanted to share something with all of you really quick.  I'll return to my tea in a moment (though I'm actually drinking coffee at the moment . . . hopefully that's forgivable).

Do you dream of communicating with extraterrestrials?  If so, you may have your have chance.  All you need is a Twitter account and something first-contact-worthy to say.

The so-called 'Wow! Signal' stands apart from all other radio signals we've received since we started searching for extraterrestrial life.  Received in 1977, scientists still aren't sure if aliens are behind it, or if it's the result of something else altogether.  In either case, if it was our cosmic neighbors ringing us to borrow some sugar, it's about time we called them back.  Luckily, 35 years later, the existence of Twitter will allow anyone to participate in the call-back of the millennium.

The following excerpt from the Huff Post Science section gives the details on how to participate in this unique event.  Click HERE for the full article.
All tweets composed between 8 p.m. EDT Friday (June 29) and 3 a.m. EDT Saturday (June 30) tagged with the hashtag #ChasingUFOs will be rolled into a single message, according to the National Geographic Channel, which is timing the Twitter event to coincide with the premiere of the channel's new series, "Chasing UFOs."
It will, of course, take many years beyond that for our return signal to get anywhere.  Even so, participating in this sounds fun, and I plan to send out my tweet tomorrow night.

Was the 'Wow! Signal' really sent by aliens?  I have no idea.  I just know I can't pass up this opportunity.  I started this blog in an attempt to share my words with the world.  Now I have the chance to share a few short words with the stars.  Say what you will about me.  I'm a science fiction writer.  Flights of fancy are our bread and butter.  I don't think I'd be a true sci-fi geek if I simply dismissed this.


  1. That's crazy wild!! What will your message say? Will you send out your favorite recipe? Lyrics to your favorite tune? Bible verses?? The pressure!! Omg the pressure!!

  2. I haven't decided yet. I want to take the time to think of something good. I plan on sharing it here after sometime after I send it though.

  3. Go tweet it to the heavens, Twitter is here and everywhere... sorry, childhood signal crossed my Twitter signal.

    But yup, just tweeted mine. Couldn't resist. Had to pay homage to the masters, of course, so mine reads:

    "E.T., we the followers of Roddenberry and Lucas salute you! May the Force go boldly with you. Call back; we've got cells now! #ChasingUFOs"

    1. I like that. Way to salute some awesome people!

      I just sent mine.

      "Please judge us not for our mistakes, but for the hopes and dreams of our visionaries. Most of us want to meet you in peace. #ChasingUFOs"

      Hopefully it wasn't too corny, and I hope someone really does receive our messages someday.