Monday, July 2, 2012

Musing About My Month

In the blogging world, I accomplished a fair bit in the last month.  Let's take a quick look at my stats.

By the end of May, I had 75 followers.
At the end of June, I reached the incredible milestone of 100 followers.  Yay!

In May, I had 1,015 page views.
In June, I had 1,432 page views.

I also stuck to my schedule, and it seems to have worked out well enough.  I'll adhere to it for awhile longer and see how it goes.

Thank you to those of you who loyally follow me.  It's always incredible to see that people actually do care about what you have to say.  My blogging has opened me to the world of flash fiction, and posting a serialized short story has been a positive experience.  I'm no expert on the writing craft by any means, but I feel like I've learned plenty.

If only I got this much accomplished in the world of books.  My goal for the next month is to get as much editing of my novel done as I can, and whittle past my writer's block on another novel I've been trying to finish.  Being 63,000 words into this other project, it wouldn't take a whole lot to finish the first draft.  The inspiration just needs to be there.

Are you listening to me Pleiades?

I think my muse is ignoring me altogether this week, which I find discouraging.  I do understand why, though.  Being the week of a major holiday, there are going to be activities that disrupt my normal routine.  My husband is also on vacation this week, so our family routine is going to be completely off.

I don't think Pleiades likes my husband very much.  She sees him as a threat.  He demands attention that could otherwise be dedicated to her and our work.  She also sees the kids as a nusiance in the same way.

I try to tell her it's all about balance.  If I had no family and only her, I would get lonely. She probably resents that.  She's very needy.

When I last talked to her, she said I could page her if I wanted to work on anything this week.  I promised her I'd do my best.  I have to write the final installment of my serialized story this week.  I also want to work out how to get rid of my prologue in my WIP.  Not easy to do when you have such a complex world to create.  I may still have to have a timeline written out at the beginning, even if it's only for me to use as a point of reference when I write.

Problem is, my muse likes prologues.  I don't mind them at all, but I know a lot of people do.  It's hard to weave all that info into a story that's already been written. Hopefully I can figure it out.  And if Pleiades refuses to help me with it, it will be even more difficult.


  1. I've got the same prologue issue with my manuscript at the moment. Tricky isn't it? Congrats on the followers, I'm a few off that yet but hope to get there.

  2. Congratulations on all your followers! You are one interesting Chicka! Hope you don't mind me saying that! LOL! Some get offended! They don't like the word but it's an interesting word nonetheless and isn't it amazing that people actually care what you have to say!! It's wonderful and a positive experience at that as I obviously have self esteem issues where as my writing is concerned but maybe all the positive energy will rub off on me! You remind me of my astronomy teacher so much. She was also one interesting chicka, do you study astronomy or do you teach?

    1. I studied astronomy some in college. It was my major before I switched to writing. The math was killer. It's always been a love of mine. I thought about teaching, but I'd have to go back to school. We'll see where life takes me.

      I think it's cool that I remind you of your astronomy teacher. My lab instructor for astronomy was short and had red hair just like me. Maybe I'm permanently connected to astronomy, but that would be a good thing for me.

  3. Sounds like you had a really good month. Congrats on the 100 followers and good luck on the writing. I don't think I'll get much done this week either.

  4. Congrats on all of your accomplishments. I hope your muse joins you for many more :) Mine has disappeared too. I think she's jealous of my upcoming vacation. Maybe she will return when I do.

  5. Congrats on all of your followers!! Can't even IMAGINE having 100 followers! I can't even imagine having 10 followers at this point, lol!

  6. Congrats on your 100's to the next 100.