Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tea Time Awards!

I know that Thursday is supposed to be my tea break from blogging.  In reality, Thursday is anything but a break for me.  I am still a mother on this day as I am on any other day of the week.  As far as writing is concerned, I am typically working to complete my flash fiction piece for my Friday post, or working on one of my WIPs (it seems impossible for me to keep my mind reigned in half the time).

However, I am breaking my Thursday blogging silence to accept two awards that Diane Carlisle of Are We There Yet? was kind enough to send my way.  These are the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! and the Tell Me About Yourself Award.  That seems like as good a reason as any to interrupt my tea break, right?  My tea (or coffee) will still be waiting for me when I finish.

To accept these awards, I must share 7 things about myself and pass them along to 7 lucky bloggers.  Here we go!

  1. I'm considering e-publishing a compilation of my stories to see how it goes. Please, if any of you out there have experience with this, any opinions or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I'm becoming more convinced each day that there's a hole in the space-time continuum hidden somewhere in my house.  It's the strangest little phenomenon, because it seems to selectively eat money, ball-point pens, and hair ties.
  3. I tend to watch episodes of Star Trek (either TNG or Voyager) or Babylon 5 when I write.  Yes, I've seen them all many times by now, so they don't distract me as much as one might think.  They seem to serve as a nice, comforting creative force while I work.
  4. I'm in the midst of a philosophical examination of my personal beliefs.  That seems to be coming across a lot in my writing.  I've never been the type to blindly accept belief systems.  I love science and trust it more than I do ancient religious texts.  That's just the way I am.  In college I learned a lot about Buddhism through my philosophy major, and I loved it.  They are open to new discoveries and ideas, even when they conflict with their doctrine.  I admire that flexibility and openness.
  5. As a little kid, I honestly thought I'd have a successful writing career by the time I graduated high school.  I'm almost a decade late on that one.  Please don't laugh about my naivety.  Or if you do, just don't tell me about it.
  6. I've read every article I can find about the Higgs Boson in the last week.  I also look for cartoons about it.  Yes, I love science cartoons.
  7. I can't wear a skirt without wearing a pair of shorts under it.  Unless, of course, the skirt is well past my knees.  And even then, I check the material to make sure the wind won't easily catch it before deciding whether or not I need shorts under it.  This paranoia started when I was in college.  Wearing a short skirt and high heeled boots are not what you should be wearing while walking down a steep hill.  I fell and flashed an old man my underwear.  I didn't like the way he looked at me after that.
Okay.  It's time to move these awards on to the next group of deserving people.  I chose these ladies because I genuinely love reading their blog posts and nice comments.  There are plenty of others who also fall into that category, but if I'm trying to adhere to word limits (an all but impossible task for me), I may as well adhere to this limit too.

  1. Mina Lobo @ Some Dark Romantic
  2. Christine Rains
  3. Scribbles From Jenn
  4. Laura @ My Baffling Brain
  5. Laura @ Stranger Than Writing
  6. Jennifer @ A Creative Exercise
  7. Clare @ Clare Dugmore Writes
There.  I believe my responsibilities as far as rewards are over for the moment.  Time to get back to my kids and my other writing responsibilities.  


  1. Is it the space-time continuum that's eating all the socks in my house? I thought it was the sock sprites who steal them just so they can watch me look helplessly in the dryer for the umpteenth time :)

  2. Thank you very much! I don't think anyone will laugh at you about number 5 - I think we've all thought similar things in the past, only to find it was impossible! :)

  3. Congratulations on the awards! Love learning more about you. :) (Hair ties disappear at my house, too!)

  4. "I'm becoming more convinced each day that there's a hole in the space-time continuum hidden somewhere in my house. It's the strangest little phenomenon, because it seems to selectively eat money, ball-point pens, and hair ties."

    So that's where those things have gone!

    Btw, love number 7.

  5. Congrats on the awards and thanks for passing them on. I thought I'd have a successful writing career early on too! I was a Philosophy major as well.

  6. Thanks for the shout out. I'll get on this someday.