Monday, August 20, 2012

Accomplishments, Goals, and Distractions

Does anyone else ever feel like you're working and working but nothing seems any closer to being done?  It can be a discouraging feeling, to say the least.  That's how I feel right now about a lot of things, but maybe concentrating on what I have accomplished will make me feel better.  

At least I know what my end goal is, and I know what I need to get done for this week. I'm on track with my blog posts this week too.  I put together my Tuesday post before I even started on this one for Monday.  Maybe you shouldn't be too impressed though. The post for Tuesday is a piece of flash fiction I wrote a couple of months ago, so it took a minimum of effort to put that one together.  I already wrote and posted my flash piece, which I called Dynamic Duo, for Flash Fiction Flourish.  I plan to expand on that story for my flash piece on Friday, and I already have some ideas for that in the works.  The only post I'm not sure of is the one I have scheduled for Wednesday, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

As for the rest of my writing, I know how I need to prioritize the week.  My story "The Dream Factory" still needs work, and that's high on my priority list.  I also have a time travel story I've been considering for awhile, so I hope to get a start on that.  I'll try to focus most of my energy on those, working on each one as inspiration allows.  

If I hit a roadblock with both stories, I'll move on to my edits on my story "The Absurdity."  Some of you may remember that I did that one as a serialized story.  For those of you who don't know it, you can check out the first installment HERE.  I inserted links to lead you on to the following installments.  Or, if you prefer, I have the whole thing on its own PAGE.  My plan for this story is to edit the parts together as smoothly as I can, insert some ideas that I think would work well, and polish it up as best I can.  I think it would make a good addition to the book I'm planning on self-publishing.

Pleiades:  I don't know why you're making plans for this week at all.

Me:  Wow.  Just as I'm really getting going with things you know I need to do, you just have to add in your two cents.  I thought muses were supposed to be inspirational.

Pleiades:  I've heard that tough love can be a good motivator.

Me:  Well, I think there's a difference between tough love and plain bitchiness.

Pleiades:  Hmmm.  It seems you're the one who's in a bad mood.  Besides, isn't one of your husband's friends supposed to be staying at your house for the next week?

Me:  Yeah.  So?

Pleiades:  Don't you think that might throw off your normal schedule just a little?

Me:  Maybe, but I'll do the best I can to get things done.  Writers need to be adaptable.

Pleiades:  In my experience, writers tend to be picky and high maintenance.  

Me:  I think it's time for you to go now, Pleiades.

All right, so the week is going to be kind of weird.  So what?  I can still set my goals and do my best to meet them, right?

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