Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blogspiration 11: The Balance of Life

Those of us who dream big often focus on that dream to the point of obsession.  After all, you can't achieve a dream without dedication.  However, we also need to achieve a balance between the pursuit of those dreams and caring for ourselves during the course of our daily lives.  That's why I decided to share this with all of you.

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It's easy to get so focused that we forget to do the most basic of things for ourselves. In taking care of ourselves, it can often seem like we're wasting valuable time that could be dedicated to something else.  Yet, in reality, in taking care of the practical, we're simply ensuring we can be better during the time we do dedicate to our goals.

For me, this quote is about balance.  However, I can see other possibilities lurking inside those words as well.  What does it mean to you?


  1. I agree that you need to keep your balance while in pursuit of your goals as best you can. Getting off balance cab result in major setbacks in different ways, as I've experienced. Usually, I get sick and have no choice but to get back to a more balanced state just so I can continue to strive for my goals.

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  2. Beautiful blogspiration!! :) I agree. Sometimes we just forget ourself and it's nice to have a reminder ;) :)

    And PLEASE turn off this captcha. I've tried to publish this comment at least 4 times.

  3. I think for me it's the "work hard, practice and persevere" part that really stands out to me. Because I know that I have a tendency to spend bit too much time in my thoughts, in my daydreams, imagining how wonderful it will be when such-and-such-happens...instead of, you know, putting my head down and MAKING IT HAPPEN.

  4. OMG YES!!! I can definitely relate to this! I get so focused on a goal that I completely forget about everything else around me.

    Great Blogspiration!! ALWAYS!! :)

  5. L.G. this is WONDERFUL. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL. I just... I don't know what to say when you've said it all. Dreams are amazing... but they're made up of smaller pieces--steps, not jumps, leaps and bounds. Sometimes you SHOULD sweat the small stuff, or at least pay attention ;D