Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writing Advice

Today, I decided to share some videos about writing.  Yes, it may seem like I'm being lazy, but I'm actually just focusing most of my attention on writing some short stories.  I'm not waiting for the elves to come in the night to finish writing them for me (watch the first video to find out what that means!).

I know Neil Gaiman is popular with many of the writers I've met, and he's one of my favorites as well.  So, who better to go to for advice on becoming a writer?

Now, here's more great writing advice from author/screen writer Geoffrey Zimmerman.  He addresses the importance of self-awareness, which is crucial for any author.  As he so accurately points out, you need to know what you want you words to do.  Language is, after all, very diverse.  We combine our words to create a landscape of meaning.  Nuance arises from the way we combine our words, hopefully in a skillful way (though, as political blunders prove, this is not always the case).  To make the most of your words as a writer, it helps to know and understand your intent.

And he also addresses the importance of knowing how you write best.  This is crucial to actually getting anything done.

I hope you enjoyed the free advice!  Now I'm off to do some writing!


  1. So much writing advice out there. But is any of it any good? Hmmmm.

  2. Always interesting to hear the various answers people give when presented with that question. Thanks!