Monday, September 17, 2012

The Power of Distraction

Here we are at the start of a brand new week.  And within the bookends of this newest week lies the possibility to achieve great things.  At least, this is what I need to tell myself.  This is the kind of thinking that will power me through my edits as I spiral dangerously close to the clutches of tedium.

My main issue for the last week has been maintaining the level of concentration I need.  The lure of future projects tries to pull me off course, tempting me with the new while I try to improve the old.  

Pleiades:  You're not disciplined enough.

Me:  Normally I'd argue with you, but sometimes I think you're right.

Pleiades:  Wait . . . what did you say?  Did you just agree with me?

Me:  After a fashion.

Pleiades:  Maybe I should start recording our conversations.  An admission like that doesn't come around too often.

My muse is far too confrontational sometimes.  I'm also starting to think I might secretly be harboring a muse of distraction somewhere deep inside my brain. Maybe I should set Pleiades loose on that one so I can get some peace and quiet for a little while.

In analyzing my progress thus far, I can confidently say this much.  Out of the 7 stories I plan to use in this compilation, only 3 of them still need major work. The rest just need a few minor adjustments.  Looking at it that way, life seems more manageable.  I can, and I will, do this.

Finishing this project, after all, is the only way I'll get to move on to the other projects that are trying to lure me away.

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