Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Express Yourself: Scary Movies

It's my second week of participating in the Express Yourself Weekly Meme. It's hosted by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests.  If you aren't familiar with either of their blogs, you seriously need to check them out!

Week #2 (Oct 8th-12th): List 5 movies/books that make your hair stand up on the back of your neck.
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This is the perfect topic as we approach Halloween.  I'll admit I'm not easily frightened by movies.  As a kid, that was a different story, but as an adult, I'm not as easily affected.  Maybe real life seems more scary in some ways.  Now, I'm not trying to pretend that movies don't get to me at all.  The first 5 minutes of Finding Nemo made me ball like a baby, and the ending of John carpenter's Starman makes me tear up every time.

Man, I can't believe I just admitted that.

Anyway, I'll do my best to list the scary movies that impacted me.  A couple of them even genuinely scared me in spots.
  1. The Blair Witch Project-Maybe this movie wouldn't have gotten to me under normal circumstances, but I was home alone when I watched it.  I was a young teenager, and my parents went out to celebrate their anniversary.  The house was dark, and after I finished the movie, I had to take something down to the basement.  Yeah, putting off my trip to the basement until after that movie was a terrible idea.
  2. High Tension-This is a French film.  It is extremely violent, but the violence is so over the top in spots that it's obviously fake.  What stuck with me about this movie was the story and the way it was shot.  It's memorable.  I was 19 when I watched it with my husband (though we'd only recently started dating at that time).  I can't say I was scared, but I was definitely disturbed.  I'd hate to say more about it, because I might give something away that would ruin the experience for anyone who might want to see it.
  3. Jeepers Creepers-I've seen this movie pop up on other lists, and I can see why.  The first time I saw it, I was with a large group of people.  When the people around you are trying to poke you in the back during tense scenes, it adds to the experience.  I also remember wanting to yell at the screen when I saw the main character go down the tunnel that led to the church basement.  In my mind I was thinking "Are you crazy?  You're going to get yourself killed!"
  4. Doctor Who: Silence In the Library/Forest of the Dead-Yes, I know this isn't a movie, but this two-part episode was creepy.  Who wouldn't be terrified of flesh-eating shadows?  It gives you a real reason to be afraid of the dark.
  5. Doctor Who: Midnight-I know.  Another TV episode, and this one isn't even a two-part episode, so I can't use the excuse that it's movie length. Yet, I have to include it here.  The Doctor is on a tour of the planet Midnight, but it goes awry.  Soon they're stranded and forced to wait for rescue.  Unfortunately, there's an unknown creature trying to get in.  This episode is riveting, even though it all takes place in one confined space.  I don't know which part was more frightening: what the creature was trying to do, or what the passengers were willing to do out of fear.
That's my list!  Feel free to comment.  I enjoy discussion about topics like this!


  1. I need to take a motion sickness pill before I watch Blair Witch. Oy Vey! But still oh so scary!

    You know, I've never watch Dr. Who but I hear I've got like several decades to cover.

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  2. The ending of The Blair Witch Project freaked me out! And I did feel queasy after it from the jerky camera running through the woods.

    High Tension was a total mind trip! Such a good twist, but yes, disturbing for sure.

    Thanks for participating!

  3. It takes a lot to scare me. Blair Witch was creepy. So was The Ring.

  4. Great pick on the Blair Witch. I think about that movie a lot...they did an awesome job with it. (The first time I saw it I was like 'This is dumb' then the second time, my sister or something took me camping, and I was about to cry the whole night).

    Great list!

  5. Agreed - some of those Doctor Whos are spooky. The one that got me was the Weeping Angels. I think it was called 'Blink'.

  6. I've heard a lot about Doctor Who, but I've never seen it. You've definitely perked my interested so now I want to check it out. I'll keep the lights on. ha ha

  7. I've heard a lot about Doctor Who, but I've never seen it. You've definitely perked my interested so now I want to check it out. I'll keep the lights on. ha ha

  8. I remember going to see The Blair Witch Project with a load of friends at the cinema on Halloween night. It was a creepy film, but while walking home we joked that it wasn't that scary. When I went to bed though, I couldn't sleep for hours...

    Dr Who eh? I'll admit that I'm not up to date with the latest Dr, but I love the fact that Dr Who has had a new lease of life. The series is made in Wales too, just down the road from where I live, which is cool. My Dr. Who was Peter Davison which gives away my age and I was also really fond of Chritopher Eccleston too.

  9. Dr Who? Great show but I don't find it scary! Although I do remember the Library episode being a little scary!