Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blogsiration 24: Bad Communication

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Communication binds us in good relationships worth preserving, and distorted, ineffective communication bind us in bad relationships.  Misunderstandings lead to hate.  Lack of a solid education leads to ignorance.

When our communications are poor, we are limited, because we cannot benefit from the wisdom and experience of those around us.  As social beings, we learn from others.  When we cut ourselves off from a segment of the population due to misinformation or prejudice (which in itself is often due to disinformation and ill-informed assumptions), we cut off that potential source of learning and experience.

We grow through our connections with others.

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Have you ever made an assumption about someone you later learned to be wrong?  Has a communication error contributed to a strained relationship in your life?  I think it's happened to all of us in one way or another.  Fortunately for us, awareness of the problem means we can work to remedy it.


  1. Lack of communication has messed up a few relationships.

  2. I have learned to sit back and allow people multiple chances to get it right before making a decision to keep my distance. I like to choose my friends wisely, but I allow for people to make mistakes too.

  3. I agree we learn from our communication, whether it's done via in person or social media. We must have good communication otherwise we wouldn't be able to have the friendships we have now and learn from others.

    I've had some lack of communication and it has ruined some friendships before. But it's hard to gain those friendships back if you really liked hanging out with that person.

    Great post, L.G.!

    See ya on Wednesday for IWSG! Looking forward to you co-hosting along with CM Brown this month! :)

  4. Agree with you on this completely! I usually have problems when others don't get what I want to say. lol. Sometimes it's hilarious, but sometimes can be really awkward and bad. People who know me got used to it. People who don't.. they will get used to it :P Things I want to say tend to come out in a different way I wanted them too - or I say it like I want to but others understand it in the complete opposite way. Like I said, awkward :P great blogspiration!

  5. Good points. I think we all make assumptions, it's hard not too. I know there are times I've thought I was being funny and someones taken offense. I would never purposely offend anyone, but on the blogosphere I think it's almost too easy for that to happen.
    But yes, even in personal situations, sometimes it's hard, because some folks just want to be pissed, especially if its family. :) Communication of all kinds can go haywire. We've all been there and done that. Good post, makes you think twice.
    Posting my Sweet Award Blog after midnight! Thanks for the attention.

  6. L.G. I can't agree with you enough, and I wish more people understood it. It's SO true, and SO important and... I mean, we only have to look at the petty fights and arguments we have with our spouses and siblings and parents and loved ones to see the truth in it.

    Mmm... Umm... like the argument with husbandman on the weekend ;D

    Wonderful ♥

  7. Very thought-provoking blogspiration! I have had a few 'discussions' where we finally realized we weren't even talking about the same thing at all. Interesting how hard it is to see past our own viewpoint and really listen to others.