Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Express Yourself: Work Spaces

It's time for the Express Yourself Weekly Meme!  Thanks again to Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests for hosting this!

This week the task is simple.  Post a picture of your work area and explain what you do there.  Since I am currently a stay-at-home mother and writer, my work area is my home.  Now, it isn't anything fancy, but it's where I live my life.

This is a picture of the couch where I spend a good portion of my time writing. While I really do need a desk, I write around the chaos of my children and we have limited space as it is, so this is what I use for the time being.  Hey, whatever works, right?  And don't mind the broken lamp.  It still lights, but it leans at a funny angle due to the antics of my children.  In a home filled with young ones, things often take a beating.

And here's a close-up picture of my little notebook that I use for taking notes, and my laptop.  It's slightly broken as you can see from the bit sticking out the back, but I can't fault it for the fact that it still works. It's also one of the broken things in the house that had nothing to do with the kids!

These are the tools that I use to create things, so no matter their state of disrepair, I'm happy to have them.


  1. If it works for you, then it's all good :) I'm in the same boat as you that I don't have a dedicated writing space, only wherever I can snag a few minutes :)


  2. We have to do what works for us. A fancy, dedicated writing space would be awesome but hey for now the kitchen table will have to do!

  3. Where there are children, you are bound to find broken things. "This is why we have nothing nice" is what I always heard growing up and now my kids hear it. lol. Such as life.

  4. Love your space. My pic is similar with that end of the couch. I write around the chaos of my kiddos as well. :D

  5. L.G. I have posted the 'Look' tag, if you would like to check it out. Thanks for showing your personal work space.