Sunday, December 2, 2012

Baby Faces Blogfest

I learned about this blogfest when I saw that some other blogging buddies had signed up for it, and I decided it sounded like fun.  This one is hosted by Trisha at WORD + STUFF.  The rules are simple.
  1. Between December 2nd and 3rd, post a pic of yourself as a baby, and/or;
  2. Tell us a story about when you were a baby (no doubt you can't quite remember it yourself, but you've probably heard some stories from other members of your family).

That doesn't sound too hard, right?  So, given that this is Trisha's first blogfest, I recommend you go over to sign up and help make it a success.  Even if you're shy about sharing baby pictures, you can simply tell a cute story.

As for me, I'm not shy, so I'll show you some pictures.  The youngest picture I have is from when I was 1, so hopefully that's close enough to being a baby picture.

Me, Age 1
Though this next one definitely doesn't count as a baby picture, I was still young, and I think it's a cute picture.  So here you go!

Me, Age 3
There are plenty of stories from my babyhood and toddlerhood that came back to haunt me in the form of constant retellings.  There's the time I, over the course of several days, covertly stole all of the candy canes off the Christmas tree and created a stockpile under my bed.  There's the time I fell into the dog's water bowl and I got stuck.  I can also tell you about how when I lived in the trailer court as a youngster, we had Starbucks right behind us.  Now, this isn't the Starbucks that serves coffee.  This Starbucks predates the coffee giant and serves great beefburgers, ice cream, and other fun foods through the summer months.  As a toddler, I used to go knock on the door, and the girls working behind the counter thought I was so cute, they always gave me a free baby ice cream cone.  Of course I took full advantage of that!

Now that's it for my contribution!  Go visit some of the other entries!


  1. Well weren't you just full of cuteness and adventure! I've read a couple of these posts and they're cute and fun to read.

  2. Look at that red hair!
    And you got stuck in the dog's water bowl? How big was your dog?

  3. You looked like such a happy baby! Love the red hair!

  4. You are just too cute!

    Visiting from the Baby Faces Blogfest.

    Give me a visit at my Countdown to Kitschmas hop -

  5. Yes, you are cute. Which is bad since cute will get ya every time. ;)

    Thanks for letting me know about the Baby Faces Blogfest. I'm participating to celebrate the progress I've made in renovating my old blog.

  6. Awww - those are adorable pictures! I love the story about the dog bowl. I'm not sure how you managed it, but it's funny!

  7. I also want to know the story of how you got stuck in your dog's water bowl. And dang, you was a cute kid! LOVE them pigtails! Also, I admire your cunning mooching skills. ;-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  8. Ohhh, these pics are so adorable! Thanks for participating in my blogfest! and I wouldn't complain to hear the dog bowl story either. hahaha

  9. Not sure how you managed it, but you got Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell stuck in my head... Ain't no candy high enough... Ain't no stockpile deep enough... Ain't no dog bowl wide enough...

  10. So cute and the stories -- adorable!

    What a wonderful blog hop, can't wait to read the others. I'd post mine, but camera's weren't invented yet!

  11. Cute photos and stories!

    I have a similar story with my own daughter and candy canes... except she brought them up to her room and ate them, leaving a sticky trail of evidence! :-)

  12. So cute! Of course you got free ice cream :-)

  13. Oh, weren't you a cutie!? Love your candy cane smuggling, too. teehee