Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Peasants Revolt: Flashback Blog Hop

On January 4th, the blog The Peasants Revolt celebrated it's one year blogoversary, along with its creator, Fel Wetzig.  The Flashback Blog Hop is a part of that celebration, and it runs all week.  That means if you want to participate, there's time to join in.  Go HERE to see the details and sign up, and HERE to learn how to compete for fabulous prizes!

The basic premise for this blog hop is simple.  Unearth something you wrote back in January 2012, whether good or bad, and share it.

To be honest, I forgot this existed.  Last January, I was just starting with my blog too, and I was playing around with what to share.  I wrote this poem and tried to make a pretty picture of it.  I thought this photo of the Orion Nebula was beautiful, but I wasn't entirely pleased with the way the text looked.  I mean, it could be worse.  I intended to perfect the appearance and post it on my blog, but I ultimately forgot about it.  While going through old files the other day, I came across it and decided to share it for this.

I hope you enjoyed it!  Anyone who knows me at all also knows that I write obsessively about space.  I hope you didn't mind.

Thanks for reading!  And don't forget, I'm celebrating my own one year blogoversary on January 9th!  I'm also hosting a blogging event to celebrate.  To learn more, check out my post about the Beginnings Blogfest.


  1. I liked it and the background is just awesome!

  2. Beautiful poem, thanks for sharing!
    I'm heading over to check out your Beginnings Blogfest now. :) Happy upcoming blogoversary!

  3. I just signed up for the Beginning Blogfest. Thanks!

  4. I think its lovely. Very very cool.