Thursday, March 14, 2013

FSF: Dreaming of Paradise

It's time once again for Five Sentence Fiction!  The word Lillie provided for this week is PARADISE.  This word leaves lots of possibilities!

For those of you who haven't read previous installments of my ongoing story, you can find the entire story on this PAGE.

Chapter 23: Dreaming of Paradise

Nara sat in the cockpit of her modest little ship, aware that out in the dark depths of space, surrounded by a virtual vacuum devoid of life, that she now found herself occupying her place in life with two other women from entirely different backgrounds.  In the end they all had different goals, different dreams, though Nara’s was the only one who had no chance of seeing her greatest aspirations fulfilled.

Image courtesy of CNaene
She thought back longingly to her dead world and the childhood she spent climbing the purple limbs of the Burya trees, and tossing glittering blue stones into the crystalline waterfall behind her house.  Paradise would be to resurrect her world so she could walk beneath the orange sky, with her friend Ylana at her side, so she could share the beauty of it with someone she cared about.

Of course, even if that were a possibility, Ylana would still have her own world to attend to, and to fight for, so Nara understood that she had to file away her own fantasies and focus on the only purpose she had left.

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