Thursday, March 7, 2013

FSF: Whispers in the Night

It's time for Five Sentence Fiction, hosted by Lillie McFerrin.  Each week, a prompt is provided, and you have to pack a punch in a mere five sentences that are inspired by that prompt.  The prompt for this week is WHISPER.

For those who haven't read my previous installments, you can find the entire story on this PAGE.

Chapter 22: Whispers in the Night

Image courtesy of bulldogza
Myrandia’s request might have been simple were she anyone with a less murderous past: free passage to a distant world where she could have a few genetic alterations done.  These alterations would give her a new identity so she could avoid being captured by law enforcement in the future, and the purple fever caused by her ex-husband’s purple stones would, in theory, lose the ability to record her activities, buying her the freedom she craved.

Late during the first night of the journey, Ylana leaned against Nara’s bed, conscious about how total the darkness felt when she considered the woman who now occupied what was once her room.  “I’m glad I’m sleeping in here with you,” Ylana whispered, “because I definitely don’t trust her.”

Nara, who was lying in bed, leaned over and whispered in Ylana’s ear, “I’m glad you’re here too, because with all the shadowy things we’ve been dealing with lately, it’s nice to have a little brightness.”

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  1. Whisper and light, a game of shadows? And what a saga! :-)

  2. Very mysterious and yet childlike in its dealings of whispers between the characters.

  3. I love a story with interesting female characters. This could almost be a parable about a woman trying to get away from an abusive husband and the woman who helps her.

  4. This is great. Is this from a longer piece of fiction that you're writing?

  5. This is quite a story!

  6. I was wondering too if it were a hint at more. Great piece and great potential to expand.

  7. I love the cute dialogue between the two; their trust and need of each other does bring light relief from all what they've been through. x

  8. My goodness, that first paragraph is almost a synopsis for a novel. This is intriguing!