Friday, March 15, 2013

Got Green Blogfest 2.0

Today is the Got Green Blogfest, hosted by the one and only Mark Koopmans.

 Here’s the simple concept behind the Got Green? Blog O’hop:
I'd LOVE to hear your Irish stories, real or imagined...

For example,

·         What does St. Paddy’s Day mean to you?
·         What are your family traditions on Paddy’s Day?
·         What Irish food do you cook, if anything?
·         What are your favorite memories, or future plans to visit the Emerald Isle?
(Flash fiction is more than welcome for these or anything else you might want to share... I mean, seriously, we're only here for a pint of the dark stuff and a laugh.) 

I wanted to have a little fun with this.  I remember watching Whose Line is it Anyway? on a regular basis.  One of my favorite segments was Irish Drinking Songs.

Below is a clip for those of you who aren't familiar with the segment.  I apologize for the poor video quality, but this one is hilarious!

Now, here's my drinking song.  I did my best to salute the Irish culture and still make it fun.

Irish Drinking Song

Let it be said that I’m a simple man.
A modest cottage is where my life began.
Now I work the land, a farmer to the end.
This emerald isle is my lifelong friend!

As an Irishman, I love the color green.
The rolling, grassy hills are a beauty to be seen.
I keep a shamrock on my shirt for luck,
shout “Erin Go Bragh” while working in the muck!

After a long day in the fields, I go to the pub
to have a pint o’ Guinness and some grub.
Sing with my friends long into the night.
Our drinking songs are boastful and impolite!

After a night of drinking, I go home alone.
Sometimes it’s sad to sleep on my own.
I dream of finding myself and Irish lass
with flowing locks of red and a dose of sass!

This Irish life is surely the one for me.
A simple life is the only way I feel free.
A warning to any who calls this life a farce.
My mates and I will swiftly kick your arse!

In honor of St. Paddy, people proclaim for a day
that they too are Irish and love our Irish way.
I say that’s grand, but there’s too much beer
to celebrate my heritage naught but once a year!


  1. Cool!

    I should participate in this because I really enjoy my Irish heritage (though I am not Catholic).

    Tonight I shall hoist a Guinness in favor of all the Irish lads and lasses out there.

  2. I am totally putting music to that. Now I just need to learn to write music. Awesome, L.G! :)

  3. Kick your arse - funny!
    And that was such an awesome show, both the English and American versions.

  4. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! Cheers! Fun and festive Irish drinking song indeed! :)

  5. Who doesn't love Irish drinking songs?! :)

  6. Hey,

    That was - is - a brilliant Irish Drinking Song... let me know if DPK puts it to music.... then we can all dance to it :)

    Cheers and Happy St. Paddy's Day :)

  7. Love Wayne Brady! Great post!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Me brothers would agree to that--too much beer to celebrate once a year. lol! Nicely done.

  9. Well done, well done. And nary a drop spilled.