Friday, March 1, 2013

The Bloghop of Joy

Today I'm also participating in the Back From the Future Blogfest (click HERE to see that post).  I'm also looking to Celebrate the Small Things (click HERE).

Today is The Bloghop of Joy!  Kyra Lennon and Clare Dugmore are asking us to compile a list of things (minimum of 5) that bring us joy.  They can be the simplest, or strangest, little things in the world.  If they make you smile, they're fair game!

  1. A fresh cup of coffee.
  2. Holding a new book in my hands.
  3. Getting a new notebook.  The potential of all those unfilled pages makes me smile.
  4. Getting a hug from my kids.
  5. My husband giving me flowers or chocolate or making any unexpected romantic gesture.
  6. Cooking a really good meal at home.  When I have fresh ingredients and a dash of inspiration, it can be a great experience.
  7. Seeing a movie that makes me think about it for days afterwards.
  8. Accomplishing something I'd been dreading doing.  The feeling of getting it done somehow makes it worth it.  I recently got this feeling after unclogging the kitchen sink.  Not a glamorous thing to do, but I was glad I did it.
  9. Seeing the night sky.
  10. Seeing a sunset.
  11. Eating chocolate ice cream.
  12. Getting nice comments on my blog.
I'm sure I could list more, but that seems good enough for the purposes of this bloghop.  After all, there are plenty more posts to read, and I don't want to keep you from them!


  1. Mmmm, coffee! There is nothing better than waking up to a pot of coffee brewing.

  2. These are all wonderful but I really connect with 7! I love when that happens.

  3. Ooh yeah I love comments too! :-D

  4. Great list - new notebooks are wonderful, but I'm always afraid to spoil it by writing in it!

  5. Eating chocolate ice cream, oh yeah! That always makes me smile.

    I even like the smell of new notebooks, all fresh and clean, just waiting to be written in!

    Great list!

  6. I'm right there with you on number three- I love the idea of a new notebook- the cover on it, the blank nothing just waiting...sighs.. I need to go buy me more now.
    Happy Friday!

  7. I love that you chose new notebooks, too!

    Thanks for joining in with the bloghop! :D

  8. Hi.

    Love the joyous things you blog about. I love coffee and hugs from my kids and grandkids too.

    Mary Hill

  9. What a wonderful list. Getting a hug from my boy and eating ice cream top my list of happy things too. :) Have a great weekend!

  10. #8 is wonderful. It sure is a great feeling to finish something you've been dreading!

  11. Great list! You're the second person I've seen mention notebooks! I wish I had thought of that, I love new notebooks! It's nice to see it's not just me. :)

  12. Coffee - yum! Notebooks are amazing! I love getting new ones and probably have too many. :) Great list!

  13. Great list, I particularly like number 8 - I have a lot of things that need doing at the minute, and it feels like they're all piling up! I can't wait for that feeling of satisfaction when they're all done.

  14. Your blog is lovely. :)
    And empty notebooks are the best!

  15. Yes, hugs from the kids is the best, isn't it? No matter how bad your day is, it is always made much better by a hug. My wife recently got me a notebook for my writing - much better than keeping notes in a Word document. It goes everywhere with me! And yes, your blog is very lovely! :-)

  16. Thanks for taking part in the bloghop, your list is excellent. I completely agree with numbers 4, 5 & 6 - nothing beats kid hugs, romantic gestures and a good home cooked meal. :D