Thursday, May 16, 2013

FSF: Accident

Those who are here for Day #6 of May Monster Madness can find my post HERE.

It's time for another flash of Five Sentence Fiction!  The prompt Lillie provided for this week is ACCIDENT.

Those of you who haven't read prior installments of this serial can find the entire story on this PAGE.

Chapter 32: Accident

Ylana perched her new goggles atop her head as she continued to move about the festival, her mind now preoccupied with how she might best use these goggles of fate (assuming they actually worked, of course).

Image courtesy of jscreationzs
Her thoughts shifted, however, when a small red light on her festival admission bracelet began to glow red.  Ylana stopped in her tracks, vaguely recalling that this light would activate if someone was looking for her, because such a tracking system would be the only way to locate anyone in an event of this size.

A grim faced security guard soon caught up to her, and after he scanned her bracelet to confirm her identity, he got to the point.  “Your traveling companion Nara has been in an accident, and she’s asking for you.”


  1. Thrilling! I really like it--a little bit of Blade Runner, a little bit of spooky modern day technology :)

  2. Oh my! It's amazing how you are turning this into such an epic story!