Thursday, May 9, 2013

FSF: The Goggles of Fate

It's time once again for some Five Sentence Fiction!  The prompt for this week is GOGGLES.

For those of you who haven't read previous installments, you can find the whole story on this PAGE.

Chapter 31: The Goggles of Fate

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Ylana walked the stone lanes that had been constructed across the entire continent for the sole purpose of travel during the Nevarian World Festival.  With Nara remaining busy with her booth, Ylana spent a lot of the time by herself, and though she could only hope to see the tiniest fraction of the festival, she was determined to see as much as she could.

When she happened upon a stand operated by an eight-limbed young woman with fuchsia skin, her eyes were drawn to a row of goggles.  They were black rimmed and standard in every way she could make out with the eye, but the young woman snagged a pair and offered them to her.  “Behold the goggles of fate,” she said softly, “which will light your way down the path of life by helping you make the right choice when the time comes.”

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  1. Oh my, could I use those. Goggles of fate! I could have skipped this entire week -- which would have been a real blessing!

    Can't wait to see the next installment!

  2. Yes, goggles of intriguing. When will she need them???

  3. I,too, am intrigued by the goggles of fate.