Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Express Yourself: Frequently Asked Questions

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is made possible by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests.

Here's the question of the week:  What are some questions you get asked time and time again?

1. Is that your natural hair color?  Yes, it is.  I know my particular shade of red may be uncommon, but it is indeed the hair color I was born with.  In fact, I've never dyed my hair, nor do I intend to.  I like my hair color the way it is.
2. Your son's name is Jude?  Did you name him after that Beatles song? Yes, we did.  My husband and I love the Beatles, and "Hey Jude" is one of our favorite songs.  That's the reason why we chose the name.  Also, Jude's middle name is Dyson, and I chose that one because I am a science fiction geek who likes Dyson spheres.
3. Lyle's nickname is Pepper?  How did that happen? My younger son Lyle was nicknamed before he was even born.  My father in law picked that as a nickname, and it stuck.  I guess since Jude has a name inspired by a song, Lyle needed a nickname that was inspired by a song.  (The song being "Pepper" by The Butthole Surfers.)
4. Why do you write science fiction? I love it.  What other reason do I need?
5. Do you have any idea how short you are? I find this question ridiculous, but people have seriously asked me this on more than one occasion.  Yes, I know I'm short.  I'm 5'2" in shoes.  I think.  To be honest, I don't measure myself because I hear you shrink with age.  I don't really feel the need to document my rate of shrinkage.
6. Do you want to have more kids? I hear this one a lot.  My answer is maybe.  I'm not sure when or if it will happen.  I don't plan on trying for a third kid yet, but I know if I unexpectedly got pregnant, we wouldn't be upset about it. I'm just not sure yet.  We'll see what life brings.

What questions do you hear time and again?


  1. Cool Q&A :) I get asked if I know I'm short too. You know, there ARE such things as stupid questions.


  2. People really ask that, like you are completely unaware that you're short?
    I used to get asked when my wife and I were having kids. Now that I'm almost fifty, I think they've finally realized the answer is never.
    At the store, I sometimes get asked for my ID when buying a bottle of wine. That just rocks.

  3. I've actually never been asked if I know I'm short before. I do get 'you're really short' a lot, though. Like I don't already know.
    I also get asked if my blonde is natural, like people think it must be dyed because it's blonde.

  4. My husband and I used to call our first unborn, "Redge". She was born a girl, thank goodness, and was not unlucky enough to be given the name. Sorry, to any Redge's out on the Web!

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    1. Ugh! I messed that all up! I'll try this again...
      Those are great choices for kid's names/nicknames. I heart The Beatles.
      When you'd said the name Pepper, I thought it was going to be from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album/song. ;)