Thursday, June 20, 2013

FSF: Blades

It's time for Five Sentence Fiction again!  The word Lillie chose for this week is BLADES.

To read the entire story from the beginning, go to this PAGE.

Chapter 36: Blades

The goggles of fate may have provided prophetic visions, and they even left Ylana a strong sense of where she needed to go to find the house from her vision that felt like a natural instinct, but they didn’t provide the while picture.
Image courtesy of anankkml

Ylana stood on a dusty road in the pink light of daybreak, and she saw the house in the distance.  The image from the goggles had certainly gotten the house right, but it had left out the fence surrounding the property, an unnerving structure composed of rusted blades that stood three times higher than the top of her head.  They were connected by barbed wire, and judging by the low level hum she could hear in the background of this early morning nightmare, the fence was electrified.

In spite of the rising panic Ylana felt, she had to focus first on the pragmatic question of how to make it from one side of the fence to the other without stabbing herself, electrocuting herself, or contracting some form of unpleasant disease from the dirty metal.


  1. Short and interesting!

    Btw, noticed small typo in first sentence. 'whole', not 'while.' :)

  2. This story is so intriguing. I always look forward to the next piece!

  3. Oh, that is an "early morning nightmare"! Well done:) I wonder if a fence like that would deter my border collie:)