Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Strange Sighting

Last week I called on my readers to submit a noun and verb, or a prompt, to inspire a story.  I got a great response.  I couldn't use them all, but I selected the prompts of a few great bloggers.  I selected noun and verb pairs from Little Gothic Horrors, Timothy Brannan, Alex J. Cavanaugh, and randi lee.  I also used the prompt provided by writerlysam.

I tried to keep it short so it would be easy to read.  I hope you enjoy, because I tried to have a little fun with it!

Strange Sighting

The strangest experience of my life began with me sitting in front of my computer.  Night was falling.  I had the window open to let in the cool breeze.  It had been raining most of the day, leaving droplets of water glistening on the grass.  The pungent, earthy smell greeted my nostrils, enlivening my senses.

Those senses, also magnified by mega doses of coffee, sent my fingers into a frenzy.  I’d frequently written tales of rocket ships hurtling into the dark depths of space, and without fail I weaved narratives so bizarre that people close to me felt I couldn’t be entirely in my right mind.

I think they’re right about that, by the way.

Yet this frenzy of ideas seemed more intense than those that came before.  I envisioned an extraterrestrial race of wanders, meandering through the cosmos.  In the course of dodging a massive solar flare, these aliens damaged their ship and had to make an emergency landing on earth for repairs.

When I took a spare moment to glance out the window, I froze.  I didn’t expect to see them, considering “they” shouldn’t really exist.  They were supposed to be figments of my imagination, after all.  Yet there “they” were, right in front of my eyes, proving that either my assumptions about the universe were wrong, or that I’d accidentally ingested some kind of hallucinogenic   compound.  The aliens and their ship, just as I had envisioned them, were sitting in my backyard.  The ethereal glow and the soft background hum of the ship filled my senses now.

“Wow,” I muttered to myself.  “Either this is a strange coincidence and I’m about to make first contact, or I need to see a doctor.”  I paused as I considered my options.  “Or I could just keep writing.”

Deciding on the last option, I turn back to the keyboard.

*               *               *               *               *

I need more prompts for next week!  If you'd like to submit a noun and a verb, or an entire sentence to prompt my creativity, submit them in the comments!


  1. HA! Loved where you went with this prompt! Especially that last line *an unexpected turn of events for any writer* Well done:)

  2. Great job! This is fun! Okay, here are another couple:

    Noun: cheesecake
    Verb: tripped

  3. Typical writer's response! And how cool to have that land in your backyard. That is the best kind of visual prompt. This was such fun to read, thanks to the reactions of the narrator.

  4. Ha, always pick what's behind door #3! Good one!

  5. Ha! Great stuff. Enjoyed this, L.G.!