Thursday, September 26, 2013

FSF: Sparking Magnetic

It's time once again for Five Sentence Fiction.  The word this week is MAGNETIC.

You may find the entire "Unchained" story on this PAGE.

Chapter 47: Sparking Magnetic

“Maybe they found out about our dealings with Orton, and maybe, just maybe, he was close to finishing his work,” Nara speculated, her eyes remaining fixated on the Kryllian ship.

“Even if that’s true,” Ylana whispered, “we’ll never be able to benefit from it, and all of those people down there will have died for nothing.”

The Kryllian weapon continued to penetrate the atmosphere of the planet below, the resulting magnetic disturbances creating the most dazzling light show either of the women had ever seen.

Just then, the proximity alarm sounded again, and Ylana jumped backward, too overwhelmed with horror to think rationally about what it could mean.

Image courtesy of elreviae at DeviantArt.
A much larger ship came into view, a shimmering tear in the fabric of space granting it entrance from whence it came, and though Ylana couldn’t begin to imagine to whom the ship belonged, she knew one thing for certain: it was not Kryllian.


  1. You packed a lot into five sentences! Intrigued about the rest of the story now.

  2. "a shimmering tear in the fabric of space" ... love this line!

  3. Oh, now, I really want to know the rest of the story! Lots and lots of action here!