Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Express Yourself: Halloween Costumes

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is hosted by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests.

The prompt for this week is: What is your favorite Halloween costume ever (yes, you'd hadto have worn it)?

Image courtesy of samandale/
I think my favorite Halloween costume I've ever personally worn is the Grim Reaper costume I wore in 5th grade. That was my last year of trick-or-treating, and I looked quite creepy.  Of course, it might be more creepy that I had an all-out obsession with the Grim Reaper at that time.  Seriously, I drew multiple pictures of a cloaked figure approaching unsuspecting houses in the night.  Part of it was due to the fact that a cloaked figure was much easier for me to draw than a regular person, and I also thought he looked kind of badass.  I really didn't have an obsession with death as a lot of people might have thought.  I truly just like creepy things.

Anyway, I had a skeletal mask with holographic eyes, the long black cloak, and a scythe that my dad made with an old broom handle, some scrap wood, and spray paint.  I looked awesome!


  1. The Grim Reaper is cool, not that I ever drew him. But what would Halloween be without that creepy guy?

  2. As long as you weren't really collecting souls it was all right.

  3. Cool and scary costume! But how can you post about a Halloween costume and not show us the pictures of you in the costume??? :)

  4. Sounds like you were quite invested in the "scare factor!"