Thursday, October 3, 2013

FSF: A Somber Celebration

It's time once again for Five Sentence Fiction!  And this week is a special one.  FSF is now two years old!  Woohoo!

The word for this week is CELEBRATION.  It's an appropriate one, right?

Note: Those of you who have not read previous chapters in this story can find it all on this PAGE.

Chapter 48: A Somber Celebration

The last day had passed in a blur, and Ylana, who’d yet to get any sleep, felt fuzzy in all her senses as she thought back to the appearance of the Kryllian ship.  Her heart stammered at the memory, but was quickly calmed when she recalled the way the Kryllians had abruptly shut down their weapon and prepared to flee.

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They, however, were not able to escape quickly enough, and the flaming wreckage of the death flower had streaked across the sky of the world below, the debris shooting through the colorful atmospheric disturbances before they finally ebbed out of existence.

Now on the planet’s surface, Ylana and Nara saw firsthand the damage that had been done (large sections of forest laid to waste, homes destroyed due to tidal and seismic disturbances), yet they saw also a somber celebration as fireworks and lanterns, dedicated to the memory of those who had been lost, decorated the night over the heads of a silent crowd.

Ylana jumped when a slim, long fingered hand gripped her shoulder, and she turned to see a tall, shimmering being whose words caressed her mind with a silent, but urgent communication: It’s time.

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  1. I love how jam packed with imagery this one is. Awesome job!!!