Friday, October 25, 2013

Spooktoberfest: Subscribe

It's time for Spooktoberfest!  Thanks to Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests for hosting this fun event once again!

In case you don't already know what this event is and what the rules are, check one of their blogs for the details.

Image courtesy of Jackie.

The basement is lit only by a kerosene lamp on the workbench, the illumination pooling faintly on the damp floor.  The lighting for this film low, but as a filmmaker, I have to think about atmosphere.

Okay, the setting is cliché, but it can work.  Besides, the atmosphere, while important, isn’t my gimmick.  If I want to take my filmmaking to the next level, I must take risks.  You, my future audience, will appreciate the payoff. 

I will blow your mind.

You won’t see the usual unearthed skeletons or killer in a mask.  People expect it.

People who see me in real life would never expect me to make horror films.  I’m a petite teenage girl.  I dress in normal clothes.  No one would ever guess that I’m obsessed with creating scenes of death and dismemberment. 

I defy expectations.

My YouTube channel has 90,000 subscribers.  It takes dedication to accomplish this.  I’ve gone through buckets of fake blood, and I’ve spent countless hours testing spray paints to see which ones will produce a convincing metallic gleam on a wooden axe head.  And FYI, creating a realistic rust effect on a wooden surface is no easy task.

The front door closes with a distant click.  My actor is here.  I hope he’s up to par.  A shortage of acting talent has been a problem.  Some people are downright wretched at conveying the proper emotion.  Come on people!  You know what it’s like to be terrified, don’t you?  Emote!

The basement door opens, and Nathaniel descends the stairs.  The carpet on them is stained red and black from my endeavors.  “Hey Rachel.  First one here, huh?”

“Oh, no one else is coming.  You’re the star,” I reply sweetly.

He quirks an eyebrow.  “I thought you said . . .”  He stops when we hear the lock on the basement door slides into place.

Yes, our basement locks from the outside.  Thanks for that Mom.  You’re so supportive.

“Camera’s rolling.”  I gesture to the tripod where the red record light glows softly.  Then I retrieve the axe from the wall.  Light reflects off the surface as I lift it high.

“That looks real.”  Nathaniel’s voice is wavering.

“It is real,” I explain.  “You see, quality actors are rare, and setting up the scene is so tedious.”

His eyes go wide.  “Umm, I don’t think I can . . .”

“Show me you’re afraid for your life.”

Now he’s emoting!  Quivering lip, heavy breathing.  Nathaniel delivers a performance as he scurries for the stairs.

I catch him quickly.  One swing and the blade sinks into his skull with a dull crunch.  It sounds different from hacking into watermelons, which is how I practiced.  The splatter effect is similar, though.

The brain peeking out through the wound is the icing on the cake.  Beautiful.

A few flecks of blood dot my hands.  I’d better wash my hands so I can get to my computer.  I have a video to upload.

100,000 subscribers, here I come!


  1. Holy smokes, Laura! This entry rocks! Very clever piece. Thanks so much for participating in Spooktoberfest!

  2. Ah, the price of fame! "Now he's emoting!" In deed.

    Great piece!

  3. Didn't see that one coming! I love the style of this story, great job!

  4. So glad I'm not an actor! Great work Laura!

  5. Oh my word!! That was great! I pictured every ounce of fear and blood splatter! Thanks for giving me this little treat of horror!

  6. My, my L. G. you do surprise! What a nasty little filmmaker you are! Loved it, excellent, and with Mom's help too!

  7. Oh wow… next act, insane filmmaker evading the cops?

  8. Wow, you knocked that one out of the park. (no pun intended).
    Very clever! Loved the twist at the end.

  9. Glad I didn't have a full stomach - This is really good!

  10. Dang, gurl; *you* defy expectation! I can totally see you in this role, your glorious mane of red in a long, thick braid, whistling while you work. :-D My own Spooktoberfest post should go up tomorrow.
    Some Dark Romantic

  11. OMG! This was outstanding! I love the tone; breathless teen with need to keep fresh youtube content and please her subscribers. Lovely set up to a snuff film.

  12. That was deliciously disturbing! Loved the title:)

  13. O.M.G...This was beyond freaky! Very well done piece. Good luck. Lily

  14. Congrats on being a runnerup in the Spooktoberfest! I really enjoyed this story, especially the voice. You did a great job expressing a teen's -- er -- idiosyncrasies. Heh-heh-heh. :-)

  15. Congrats on your Spooktoberfest success! Not surprising though, your story was awesome.