Monday, November 4, 2013

Musing About Titles and Things

I'm feeling pretty inspired to work on the tragedy I've been working on.  I don't know if I can exactly classify it as a tragedy, though there is a lot of tragedy happening in it, but that's beside the point.  Classification can be important or helpful, but I don't want to worry so much about pigeon-holing it that I let that get in the way of telling a good story.  As a writer, I feel like my main concern should be about telling a good story, and more specifically, the story that I want to tell.

So, all that aside, I have a working title down on paper, though I always feel hesitant about titles.  I never know if they fit just right.  A title, after all, is the first representation to the world that your story has.  It's your first attempt, through words, to draw potential readers in.

Not that I'm fretting too much about this.  Not at all!  I swear!  (Fret, fret, fret. Fret, fret, fret.)  What?  What are you looking at?

Okay, seriously though, a title is worth some thoughtful consideration.  I'm using the working title Silent Soliloquy because I feel like it reflects the narrator's situation.  I can't say too much lest I give everything away, but she has a story to tell and no one to listen to it.  Hence the name.  So, it works on that level for me, but at the same time, it doesn't feel attention-grabbing enough.  Oh well.  I have time to consider that while I work on the more important piece of this puzzle: the story itself.  And that part, I feel, is going well.

Thanks for letting me vent a little.  Now, I should get back to work!

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  1. I must admit that, of all the things I worry about when it comes to my novels, titles have barely even touched my radar. I have too much else to worry about for the time being. But yes, when it comes time to choose a good title, I will be fretting. A whole heck of a lot!