Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for Knockout

For this drabble, I drew upon my own terrifying memories of dodgeball.  Man oh man, that game never ended well for me.  Neither did red rover.  

Though funnily enough, the worst P.E. injury I ever sustained was while we were playing frisbee.  I had braces at the time, and getting hit in the cheek meant I had to spend the next several minutes prying the inside of my cheek off of the sharp metal.  There was plenty of blood and frustration to be had that day, let me tell you!

Anyway, on to the story!


Sweat dripped into my eyes, but I couldn’t sweep it away.  If I took my eyes off the ball, it would’ve all been over.

Then disaster stuck.  Or kind fortune.  I can’t decide which.

I detected movement from the corner of my eye.  On the sidelines, Phoebe Wexler had bent over to tie her shoe, affording me a perfect view down her shirt.  I froze, distracted by the heavenly sight.


When I opened my eyes, Phoebe hovered over me.  “You were knocked out.  Are you going to be okay?”

As long as I don’t die of embarrassment, I thought.


  1. Frisbee injury, gross. Red Rover, Red Light/Green Light, Dodge Ball, & Mother May I. All these games caused me great anxiety as a kid.

  2. haha, love your little excerpt.

    HATE that story about your braces. omg. The very thought makes me wince and shudder. ew ew ew.

  3. LOLOLOL! How easily distracted!

    Ouch, that injury with your braces sounds horrific! I once ran into a wall with my head thanks to playing indoor rounders and missing the turn. I don't remember any of the rest of that day.
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  4. LOL - so was the distraction deliberate I wonder.
    I think I've only ever played dodge ball once - I was crap at it. Sounds like your braces were very painful that day - ouch.
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  5. Love your story of distraction and dodge ball. I was never a fan of that game or red rover. My sister lost a tooth in that game when someone cheated and dropped their arms and put out a foot.

  6. I used to hate dodge ball. I'd always make sure to be hit as soon as possible so I wouldn't have to play any more. Great piece, very funny!

  7. Then disaster stuck. Or kind fortune. I can’t decide which.

    This line stood out to me as both beautiful and incredibly potent. Nicely written!

  8. Nice one. The ending made me smile. My face is a magnet for sports related balls. I've been hit in the face with a basketball, soccer ball, tennis ball, baseball... I don't know why.

  9. Ouch - your personal story is a painful one.

    And then the drabble was great - he gets injured and maybe gets the girl too. :)

  10. That embarrassing feeling...achingly familiar. I've totally been there, done that. As well as a concussion from a game of red rover on concrete. Not awesome. Great post though! Happy A to Z.

  11. LOL Your drabble is totally awesome!!!! I love it!!

    I hated dodgeball too! Also I vividly remember getting my cheek hung on my braces... *shudder*

  12. Oh and I got smacked in the face by a horse when I had braces.. that was bloody lol!!

  13. Ha, I love this!

    When I was at school, during a game of Rounders, my best friend accidentally hit me in the eye with the ball when I mis-timed my move! It was bloody painful!

    1. This reminds me of when my mum and I did karate together. In one class she punched me in the nose (accident, of course :P) and the first thing she said was, "Don't tell Sensei Ben!!"

  14. The ending made me smile, I think we have all had experiences like that.

  15. epic failure! poor guy. i remember the horrors of p.e.

  16. Perfectly catches the horror of P.E. class. I myself had a knack for being magnetic to balls of all sorts. I got hit in the head with volley balls, basketballs, badminton birdies, softballs, tennis balls... you get the idea.