Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Qualifying

This drabble was inspired by my undying love for science fiction.  This is a near future scenario, and the theme is not a new one.  I'm not breaking the mold with this piece.  I'm simply taking a peak at the lives of two people.


“Do you think it’ll work out this time?” Mark asked, his fingers clenching the steering wheel.

Martha shrugged, trying to convince herself that she wasn’t terrified.

Qualifying wasn’t easy.  The standards were strict.  Out of a batch of ten embryos, there was no guarantee they’d have one deemed acceptable.  They’d walked away disappointed three times already.

Embryos had to have a potential IQ of 125, and no genetic defects.  That meant perfect eyesight, no mental illness, no risk factors for cancer.  And even if one embryo met the criteria, aptitudes were taken into account. 

The needs of society decided all.


  1. What a soul-destroying step into the future where numbers and stats mean everything - I can see that type of selection leading to a very boring, homogeneous world where everyone has their pre-determined place.
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  2. That would Never happen.... Right.
    Well actually, probably not. "They" would have too much trouble with people if their IQ was 125.

  3. Wow you're story was something I wasn't expecting. When I read your title: qualifying I was thinking, test, maybe trying out for something. Not a couple trying to find the perfect match for an embryo. Bravo love it. New fan here!

  4. Scary, especially after reading Stephen Tremp's post the other day about altering the DNA of an embryo.

  5. Don't think it's a good idea to try to engineer the human race like that. If everyone had a high IQ, that would be the norm and no one would achieve great things based on their IQ. Good piece!

  6. Talk about Big Brother. You don't even get out of the womb before...heck it sounds like you don't even get IN there!

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  7. And now all I can think of the last line of Gattaca.