Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Sketch

As a writer, I know how the writing spell can come over you.  That's when the magic happens.  I imagine it's similar for an artist, or any other creative type who's in the groove, so to speak.  That idea is what inspired the following drabble.


Stella’s hand ghosted over the blank sheet, leaving faint lines of graphite in its wake.  She savored the curves and planes as they flowed from her fingers.  Her heart poured onto the paper as she worked, attempting the nearly impossible goal of capturing a moment . . .

“Justin, stop twitching!” Stella cried.  The sudden movement from her model spoiled the artistic trance she’d been enjoying.  Now there was a nasty smudge on her masterpiece.

“I had an itch!” he retorted.  “I’m human!  If you’re not going to allow me to have human shortcomings, I’m not going to let you sketch me anymore.”


  1. :) - ah the snitty interaction between artist and model - nicely captured!
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  2. We were in an art museum the other day and I was thinking about this very thing, just how difficult it would be to be the model.

  3. She's sketching him? Now that's a reversal.

  4. "Stella’s hand ghosted over the blank sheet, leaving faint lines of graphite in its wake."


  5. It is great when you reach "the groove" of writing or drawing. And about the model, I once saw a monologue preformed by a women telling her story of working as a model. It was very interesting.

    Nice drabble as always!

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  6. Awesome! I think we all know that moment when we're lost in what we're doing, and someone distracts us!!

  7. I've smudged my writing more than once as I was interrupted from my trance. I have to let it go though. It is my husband that does it, and I only have to realize how I would miss it if it never happened again. I'd sooner lose my writing forever. But it still is a difficult thing to remember sometimes!
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  8. Very good! I sure wish I was artistic!

  9. And that is why pictures are so much easier to work with. And they are already two deminsional.

  10. Yes, now that I'm a novel writer, I can relate to being in a trance. My characters dominate my head space all my waking hours. ~~ ~~ The "I'm human" part of your story makes me think of that line in the song by Level 42 - "Something About You" - The line goes - "Is it so wrong to be human after all?"

  11. What a lovely moment you captured!