Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Ubiquitous

This is the one I probably had the most fun writing.  I love word play, and when I chose the word 'ubiquitous' as my inspiration, this story sprung naturally from it.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, though I honestly don't know if that's possible.


“What’s the next word?” Bobby asked.

Marcus glanced down at the paper.  “Ubiquitous.”

Bobby wrinkled his nose.  “Is it just me, or does that word sound a bit pretentious?”

This earned him a raised eyebrow.  “I think the word ‘pretentious’ sounds just as pretentious as ‘ubiquitous’.  Besides, words themselves aren’t pretentious.  Just the people using them.”

With a shrug, Bobby conceded the point.  “I guess it’s to be expected.  We’re practicing for a spelling bee.  Words that make us sound pretentious are bound to be ubiquitous.”

Now Marcus smiled.  “You clearly know what ‘ubiquitous’ means, but can you spell it?”


  1. LOL - lovely :) He's right, for something that means 'found everywhere', it's a very pretentious word! ;P
    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles - A to Z Ghosts
    Fantasy Boys XXX - A to Z Drabblerotic

  2. Ubiquitous is a fabulously pretentious word which I use at every opportunity. I am the QUEEN of pretentious words :)

  3. I think he's procrastinating because he doesn't know how to spell it.

  4. I love the word ubiquitous - though I just had to check my spelling a few times before I posted lol!

  5. This made me laugh. It would be my daughter's spelling list nightmare!

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  6. That's cute! Spelling Bees do find some crazy words, most of them I've never heard of. :)

  7. I agree with Bobby. That's one pretentious word.

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face. :)

  8. Ha! This one made me laugh out loud!

  9. I used this one in my u chapter! Yours is so much better!

  10. Ha ha! That was cute. The banter between them was charming.