Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xenophilia

There are only so many words that start with X.  Xenophobia immediately jumped to mind, but I've written about that topic before.  Then I thought about the flip side.  I'm a science fiction geek, so I've always had a thing for cool aliens.

So here's my geeky tribute to those who have taken a page from Captain Kirk's book and are open to the possibilities.  Enjoy!

P.S.-This is a continuation of "Midnight" for those who wanted it.


“You hear about people being xenophobic.  Well, I’m xenophilic,” Darlene said as she kicked at the dirt.  “I watched nothing but Star Trek as a kid, so that may be the reason for it.  You should know that if we’re going to date.”

Miles stared blankly at her for a moment.  “Would I have to do anything weird?”

She produced a set of pointy prosthetics from her coat pocket.  Spock ears.  “Wear these on our first date.  And no red shirts.”

After a moment of thought, he shrugged.  “I can live with that.  So you’ll really go out with me?”


  1. This is a fun one. I like the idea of the guy being okay with it and just going with it.

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  2. Aww - Spock ears and no red shirts - I like it :)
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  3. He must really like her! I bet those ears make for some interesting conversations.

  4. Heh heh! That's great! I wish I was as bold as her!