Thursday, May 8, 2014

FSF: Behind Closed Doors

It's time once again for Five Sentence Fiction!  The prompt for this week is DOORS.

This chapter continues the saga of "A Life for Sale" where young Aurora must tread carefully in a world that treats her as a disposable distraction for wealthy patrons.  To read her story from the beginning, click HERE.

Chapter 4
Behind Closed Doors

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A young woman adorned in a crisp emerald gown and golden bracelets and baubles earned the right to the next month of Aurora’s life.  Some might assume this is a good thing, but she knew from experience that the appetites of some women could be just as twisted and cruel as the worst of the violent men she’d come to know.

Someone could appear respectable to all the world as long as they dressed in the right way, and spoke as a cultured individual should.  Yet it is only behind closed doors that the real person is revealed, as that is where they strip away the mask that society compels them to wear.

As Aurora was escorted away from the auction block and ushered into a sleek white car, she wondered who this lady would prove to be once the door closed behind them.