Monday, October 20, 2014

Bucket List Blog Hop

It's time for the Bucket List Blog Hop!  Sherry Ellis and Suzanne Drazic are our wonderful co-hosts.  The goal is simple.  Write up a list of what you'd like to do before you kick the bucket.  Life is short, after all, and you've got to fit in all the awesomeness you can!

Here's my list.  It is by no means complete, and I'll undoubtedly keep mentally adding to it.

1. Take a commercial flight into space.  (This is contingent upon many factors, but if it's possible, I want to do it.
2.  Publish a novel.
3. Go skydiving.
4.  Ride in a hot air balloon.
5.  Learn Klingon.
6.  Visit Stonehenge.
7.  Visit the pyramids of Giza.
8.  See the Great Barrier Reef.
9.  Visit the Great Wall of China.
10.  Go bungee jumping.
11.  Learn to fly a plane.
12.  Finally learn how to dance like I'm not just having a massive muscle spasm.
13.  Take an awesome family vacation.
14.  Learn how to do a podcast.
15.  Go to Ireland and have a drink in a pub.  I'll probably loudly and obnoxiously sing a pub song while I'm at it.

What would be on your bucket list?


  1. Cool bucket list! I have ride in a hot air balloon on my bucket list. My hubby has always wanted to learn to fly a plane. Thanks for participating in the blog hop.

  2. Ireland made my list, too!
    Pyramids... excellent choice!

  3. Ireland is on my list as well. Maybe we can have a drink together. ;) I would love to see the other places you mentioned.

  4. Getting a Pilots license was on my list 10 years ago. Never did it. Learned how to ride a motorcycle instead and never got to it. Hope you do, it really sounds great to do.

  5. Thanks for participating in the Bucket List Blog Hop! Your list is awesome. I'd like to visit Stonehenge, too. Hot air balloon rides are wonderful. You wouldn't believe how quiet it is up there!

  6. Taking an awesome family vacation sounds.. well.. simply awesome!. I was to place it to my list... but it's in my head. Absolutely :)

  7. Enjoyed your sense of humor :) A lot of the items on your list require greater bravery than I could muster, but a (return) trip to Ireland is on my list as well.

  8. Commercial flight into space is scary! I'd like to add it to my list but I'm not that brave :). Great list!

  9. Love #15! I'll sing with you!

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hello and many thanks for stopping by Pen and Paper.
    Stonehenge or to be more precise Glastonbury (the town not the festival) is also a place I one day hope to visit.
    As for Ireland? A place I can highly recommend, I love its people. Definitely a winner as far as the obscure goes, I love the thought of your having Klingon lessons.

  11. What a fun fest idea! Sorry I missed it.

    Much of my bucket list includes travel--a good 10-20 European sites. Did you know that Google street view now includes the great pyramids? To tide you over till you can get there...

  12. I'd love a trip into space. Wish it were possible right now for the ordinary human. Guess I'll have to wait a bit for the business class seats to be affordable!

  13. Hi L.G.
    Great list!
    I've noticed that Ireland is very popular!
    I also have the hot-air balloon ride & publish a novel on my list...but forgot to add the Pyramids to my list...

  14. In some ways we are quite similar as I have done many of your list items, however I have no desire to fly into space or my own plane, nor to learn Kingon or bungee jump.

  15. Hello there.
    Just stopping by to congratulate you on completing the A-Z Challenge! Visiting from the A-Z Road Trip.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess