Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks Cover Reveal!

I'm excited to help reveal the cover for the Where Words Fail, Music Speaks Anthology, which is scheduled for release April 21, 2017.

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks is a collection of short stories and poetry by writers from all walks of life.

Each story is based on the titles of 90s Britpop songs, including Come Back To What You Know, Bittersweet Symphony, Animal Nitrate, Disco 2000, and more.

Our list of authors is: Kyra Lennon, Clare Dugmore, Annalisa Crawford, Wesley Copeland, Robb Turburville, D H Sidebottom, Audrina Lane, M.B. Feeney, Karen Frances, S.J Warner, Scout Dawson, Kimberly Morgan, Maddie Wade, Rebeccalou Heronpontin, Andrea Coventry

All proceeds from the sales of this anthology will go to Clusterbusters.


  1. Great idea for an anthology and fun cover art.

  2. Excited about this anthology. The cover really pops. My kind of music, too!

  3. Nice colorful cover. Sounds like a great theme though since I wasn't keeping up with a lot of music that decade I might not be familiar with the song titles but I'm sure I'd recognize the songs if I heard them.

    Best of success to the venture!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  4. Love it. Very colorful and engaging at a glance.