Friday, April 7, 2017

F is for Future and Celebrate the Small Things-April 7, 2017

For this year’s A to Z Challenge, I’m writing drabbles based on words I got from a random word generator.  A drabble is a short piece of fiction of exactly 100 words.



I never imagined I’d find a working time machine at a garage sale.  I was especially shocked when I got it for a dollar.
“People think I’m trying to rip them off,” the old man who sold it to me said.  “Who’d believe they could get a time machine so cheap?”
I bought the nondescript wooden box, figuring I hadn’t wasted much money if it didn’t work.  I set the dials to take me 1000 years into the future, and it did.
Then it broke down.  I’m stuck in an apocalyptic wasteland.  You get what you pay for, I suppose.

It's Friday!  Let's Celebrate the Small Things with Lexa Cain!  Tonja Drecker and I are her co-hosts.

Jude got sick and was home from school the day before his birthday, but on the day of his actual birthday, he was well enough to go to school.  He was so excited to bring cupcakes to share with his classmates.  I can't believe he's 8 already.

I baked a chocolate cake for his birthday, too.  It isn't the prettiest cake ever, but it tastes delicious.  Maybe too delicious.  Yum!

Zoe also rolled over for the first time this week.  She's going to be running around before I know it.  These kids are growing so fast.

The work on my novel seems to be going well.  It's an extremely rough draft, yes, but I like the way the ideas are coming together.

What would you like to celebrate?


  1. What a great short! And in 100 words! I am thoroughly impressed. So now what happens since the machine is broke? Congrats on the little one rolling over. It's been so long since mine were that small. Baking is so worth it when it's over. I bet it brought a smile. I am celebrating Friday and feeling pretty good I made it successfully through the week. Great post.

  2. That old man was a mean sonofabitch. Still, you know. Test it first. ;-)

    F - Mary Agnes Fleming

  3. I like that story!
    Glad Jude felt well on his birthday.

  4. Oops! Well, just goes to show that Time shouldn't be messed with :-) Happy A-to-Z-ing.

  5. The "nondescript wooden box" wouldn't happen to have been painted blue, would it? ;)

  6. Glad that Jude was healthy again for his birthday. Bringing treats to school is so important to them. Sounds like the funs starting to begin with the little one.